Just made risotto for the first time since forever, and now i regret that I've not made risotto for every single meal my entire life

alias for the day you quit your job

`yolo=git commit -am "deal with it" && git push origin master -F && rm -rf / --no-preserve-root`

@hund Ordered a Mistel md650 a couple of days ago! really excited to get something smaller than an old 100%

@hund Do you have any good suggestions for a mechanical split keyboard, that has options for all the keys we scandinavians love?

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Uni started up again. And I feel much more motivated than i thought i'd do..

Also we're finally done with all programs that only run on windows *uninstalls windows and cheers*

I'm really satisfied with this one.. Works wonders in a nix-shell!


Has anyone written any interesting blog posts or articles lately that I should check out on this 4 hour train ride?

Got a new zsh-theme, cause the old one didn't support nix-shells... But Spaceship prompt is just too good so I had to extend it with nix support...


Gonna have another crack at making LSP play nice under NixOS today. Got several backends running yesterday but only for if they were globally installed. That'll change today!

Just bought Bitwig studio! Really missed a proper DAW since ditching windows

Hey y'all, chat.shazow.net is a pretty cool place.. Just ssh into it ;)

Got NixOS up and running, with a very satisfactory config, only a few kinks with the development environment to work out.

As well as all the mandatory refactoring

Installing nixos on my desktop today. That'll be fun

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So far, I have this

The ability to just run this install, and have everything up and running instantly is nothing short of amazing

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Tried out nixOS on my spare laptop today, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed!

I've recently bought a new ThinkPad, thinkin' of putting Gentoo on the old one. Any who has any experience with it?

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