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Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn’t think rope would do that, you should have read the man page.

I was also brought to tears (literally, I sniffled in the locker room) by the moving banner that the British Library have put up in the foyer.

AdΓ©lie Linux.

In BETA phase now, already intriguing.

Based on "GNUless" Alpine Linux, but aiming for common desktop use. Userland instead of GNU Core: BusyBox.

For C standard library, it uses musl, instead of GNU glibc.

"We do believe that Linux should be usable by anyone, regardless of income level or past computer experience. We don't believe that Linux has to be hard to use."

Eye on this one.


Bypassing Dystopia – communities everywhere are reversing privatization and standing up to corporate rule.Β

You are on #Twitter and want to try out #Mastodon?

Find out how many of your Twitter friends are already on Mastodon with Bridge!

(thanks @Cheatha) #JoinMastodon

MRW this no-nonsense lady doesn't get boosted for toots both far and wide! :toot:


I think I am going to build me a keyboard like this for no other reason that I can 🀣

#ActivityPub support is now available to everyone! πŸŽ‰ 🎊 :fediverse: blogs don't federate by default, so to enable it you can either sign up with our new page:, or if you're already on, go to your blog's Customize page and click "Enable federation"

Note this also includes support for custom domains. So if your domain is hosted with us, you can now choose your handle when you enable federation and your blog will be accessible in the fediverse!

All I want is to someday have a perfect wedge of a head like Carl Larsson's portrait of August Strindberg.

Commission request for Open Source Software 

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..