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Ok BOIS let's talk ....I got a wifi hotspot and am looking to set up a -rig to bring with me everywhere. Probably will be a raspberry pi but I'm open to any other SBCs and would also like a mouse, keyboard, and screen to carry with me. We are looking for both portability and usability...but either one can be sacrificed for extra coolness if need be. So show me your mini rigs and/or your dream mini rigzzz. I'd like some ideas from everyone to help inspire my decision....

Look! A favicon made by ghosty....and does anyone care? He made it for your sins!!¡¡!

I just love photographs of a #campfire and #glowing #embers #charcoal in general. I'm don't suffer from #pyromania, but I can definitely see the attraction.
Closeup they can look like awesome alien landscapes, especially when enhancing the reds and blues a bit. The #HDR that Google Photos made here of the three shots #autoexposurebracketing that I took, has a bit of a similar effect.

#Photography #pyro #fire #flames #HotAF

Don't talk freely...unless you want to be hung by the people who disagree with you....

What if there is nuance in people's ideas and stances?

What if there is deeper meaning than your hot take on something?

What if there are a million shades of grey?

Serbians each get a Christmas fagot, then gather them in a pyre by a church.

Gotta say, it's pretty metal.


with the lead pipe in the conservatory, via telepresence

Did Millennials Kill The Internet? Click To Find Out That Yes, They Did, But You Won't Believe How

Merry x-mas robot vacuum. We got you pine needles! We've hidden them all over the down stairs floor.


when someone tells you to open your 4th eye

@bowner1012 admittedly pretty furry! but I'll be making a "professional" version too :3

crossposting all my greatest toots to pornhub comment sections

Happy New year from New York!!...ball dropped and a complete mess in NYC...I'm 3 hours out and away from garbage snow

Happy new year y'all, it's been fun, can't wait to see what Goglezon Prime does to the internet in $(( $(date +%Y) + 1))

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