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Did a thing to tick off Gnome project. I am now a supporter of FSF now. Getting my membership card in the mail soon.

I hereby boycott red hat enterprises. I do not care if RMS made a mistake. He apologized. It is stupid to remove funding on something like the fsf. Over something so petty

This just in I got a new GBA custom made for me

Guys I need some suggestions. Is ez flash or the everdrive better??

I got to thank the on getting me connected to artiest and anime mastodon instances. Where I can tell anime and Linux at the same time

Rant and pol 

I'm so considering turning off all fm radios. I do not care for political crude.
I only follow tech stuff.

Do not try to make me lean blue or red.
I got issues with both sides. Lately I been trying to learn if age gate been stop or even if they will try to banned all anime in the states . Yes most older people don't understand anime or the internet still

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NYCers have a new ridehailing alternative to Uber: The Drivers Cooperative is a driver-owned, app-based ride-hailing service that pays drivers more, charges riders less, and pays out any profits to driver-owners as periodic dividends.

Platform cooperativism is a powerful antidote to app-based gig work: a way to provide customers with the convenience that made app-based services so popular while putting workers in control of their days, schedules and conditions.


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For more than a year, every big tech site would have banned or suppressed content saying the exact same things Anthony Fauci said privately #FauciEmails

Hey guys I need help. What a good back up tool for a WordPress website??

Guys I need help. I need some podcasts
It like all my favorites went to freaking political . Looking for music and bible teaching .

Guys I will need prayers. I am attempting to transfer at work. But I am in a cross way. Last time I attempted this I almost got fired. Plus I'm going to a fc.

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Contains a tiny bit of drama stuff 

I am no longer supporting or watching destination linux content due to micheal being so far up his own ass he has development a bad sense of entitlement

Rather than constantly get called a troll for trying to have some fun with micheal during his live streams i have decided to just stop paying attention to any content involving him

i hope in the future he stops being an entitled person who is so far up his own ass it's hard to even approach him

I am so tired of cancel culture.
is the wrong here.
Rms is not even president of FSF. A board yes but not president

I am about to Just Boycott the Gnome project all together over this witch hunt of RMS. who was in the wrong but was forgiven . he not even president

Hey guys . Haven't forgotten here but been busy

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