Ok I really need to focus on here lol.

@novimatrem the window store but I say stay Linux. I went back to windows do to work. I regret it but I almost started to record videos again. I love xsplit.

Can anyone recommend me a rambox replacement??

I'm having a hard time trying to learn GoPro's.

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really got to love the fact me trying to stream and the Bank refuses to let me pay for life membership o the software...

@alexramallo they may not be but im ok with spending the cash!

so i am taking Social media courses. they warned about MAstodon. im over here laughing. Mastodon is so much better!!

@alexramallo all I know work could get me promoted but I need a certification to get the promotion. I'm in a warehouse. Stuck at a bad low level pay. I'm at least a dollar below the process assistants

So guys I need help
Work wants me to get a Microsoft office certification. But not sure which one

My Minecraft blog is up and posted my first entry.

the blog will be up Tomorrow. i took a lil bit of time fixing the first post!.

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Guys I'm posting my first blog entry this weekend. On my Minecraft blog

@nergal l been working there for almost a year. I'm tired of the screaming, the lies plus the Karen and Chads attitude. I'm just a number there.

Back for a bit. Need prayers. I'm getting out of Amazon for good.

TheChristianotaku.com is going to be up soon I decided to make it a blog / magazine style.
It got a coming soon on it and it will up soon.

It is taking me forever to get my website to be up. That may change soon.

@codythedragonrude for me I got . With this shot. I may have to have a booster. But it won't hurt 💯 because of my underline medical condition.

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