Hey quick question! Why did you switch to elementary OS?


@elementary I actually left elementary os because as of right now I can't afford to dish out 5 dollars. This demand is money stops people like me from using the project.

@bluzeo @elementary Development costs money. Software development is hard work, and it deserves every bit of monetary compensation it can get.

@Phaserune @elementary if I decide to donate that would be after I either wipe it off or use more then a few months. I will not dish out for a Starbucks type price for a Linux distro. Now if I use and still have it install I would be happy to throw money to the project. But not at first bat

I haven't dished out a single dollar yet (hope to do so soon). Where did you experience meeting a payment wall?

@internetman @elementary at download page. I had an older iso laying around but I couldn't get it to work. Yes agree on donating when you can but not blantantly in demand money at download page. They have a patreon. If wanted to use that tatic why not hide the iso ok (patroen (
paywall) and not let us have access to unless we are sub to them

They dont demand money, they just suggest it :-) I might also disagree in the practical manner which it is being done, but it's still free as in free beer and free speech :0090:

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