So Twitter trying to denie my right to talk to one of my favorite people due to the fact they don't like how I said something. Glad I'm on Mastodon...

I'm on a road on doing a podcast. Cent really tell about it yet. But why is olenclipart down ??

So why is tusky the best client ? Oh wait that because the easy of use and I can be get a separate account setup at easy if I wanted. hey can you do me a favor and stop sending me stuff to my House. .. I still don't agree what that rep said to me through email . This entire Foss notion is a joke. There no reason for them to call me out for using a a non Foss distribution. I thought I opted out and stop my donation

So I'm over here scratching my head. I'm debating on moving chats I been heavily using my qksms.. but I'm almost going full telegram

Getting a Moto z4. I can't not wait anymore for @purism .... Q3 is not a date. Y'all didn't credit the source of y'all apps at first. ...

Had to leave a telegram group over the stupidity of a mod. I left on my own accord.

So I been busy and I been surfing the web of radio stations again. Found a station called radio u.

For me this weekend is going to be a lil busy. Got to get my Pokemon cards PSA graded

Can't sleep lol anyone got some advice on Cruton a Chromebook?

hey guys check out
Good Jpop and Kpop music!

@Purism is there any phone cases in the plans for the librem5??

Ok guys I need some understanding. I am about to launch a server for Christian rock community. How do I add a custom domain to the server ??

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