Ok I really need to focus on here lol.

Can anyone recommend me a rambox replacement??

I'm having a hard time trying to learn GoPro's.

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really got to love the fact me trying to stream and the Bank refuses to let me pay for life membership o the software...

so i am taking Social media courses. they warned about MAstodon. im over here laughing. Mastodon is so much better!!

So guys I need help
Work wants me to get a Microsoft office certification. But not sure which one

My Minecraft blog is up and posted my first entry.

the blog will be up Tomorrow. i took a lil bit of time fixing the first post!.

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Guys I'm posting my first blog entry this weekend. On my Minecraft blog

Back for a bit. Need prayers. I'm getting out of Amazon for good.

TheChristianotaku.com is going to be up soon I decided to make it a blog / magazine style.
It got a coming soon on it and it will up soon.

It is taking me forever to get my website to be up. That may change soon.

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i feel validated about everything i said on my off topic mastodon account now that the FDA is admitting yeah this vaccine is not 100% immune to covid or health problems

thanks to everyone who blocked me for speaking up about the things the FDA is now admitting

you can block the FDA now

Restarting my blog soon. There not many Christian game / anime reviews sites out there. I'm about to be going in a rabbit hole lol!

Just got to love the fact not many Triple A games on Linux . but I can get all the visual novels. I can buy I can play on Linux.

I really love this fediverse. I am going to be on more soon . But august I got a new desktop and this Wednesday I got a Chromebook coming to me.

Guys I need help picking a desktop.
I edit a lot of video and I am making sure I can play Csgo!

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Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...