Flatpak and snaps are way to slow.. I'm trying to write down down things before work and no...

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I still keep toying around with starting a linuxrocks rag chew (general chat) podcast. There are already tons of podcast that gives you news and reviews but I was thinking more of a random round table of whomever joins the live to tell stories, experiences, and random thoughts on Linux and Tech.

If we did who would join the conversation, who would listen. What audio platform to join in on like discord, mumble, etc.

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So I am reading the @DestinationLinux blog and also some @derek videos. I am still very much against anything snapped I don't support mint. But agree not allowing them on any live system not worth the headache.the aur and the .Debs for me on my rigs is enough.

I'm am working on a hugs project I got the music but where can I find a cartoonist. Looking on fivver with no luck.

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Added support for alsoKnownAs in #Epicyon. So if you have alts on other instances and want to let followers know about that then you can set a list of other accounts on your profile screen. This can help to build robustness, in a crude but effective way, if instances go down or the admin suddenly ragequits.

@derek hey Derek I need help understanding something. Why in the world is librewolf browser using a appimage? Wouldn't the .Deb file be better ? Sorry if I am not making sense on break and work got lousy wifi.

So I have a announcement to make . I am officially on bitchute, lbry. K will be making videos soon but right now I am having a hard time installing lutris

@write_as hey guys y'all may want to check the pgp. Tried to install the app and it refuse to install. I sent a email to yall also

@write_as I'm over turn you guys or manuscript. I need a good app to write my book on .

I have officially moved up to linux lite 5.2.

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This is not to say that all who are de-platformed are the same as Martin Luther King.

But many don't realize just how unpopular King was in his own era.

You can't cast a net that catches only "bad" anti-establishment views without catching some who would advance justice.

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In his era, Martin Luther King was subversive and a threat to the establishment.

The FBI thought he was a terrorist.

In other words, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube would have banned him if they existed in the 1960s.

#MLKDay #MLKDay2021

I'll be moving to linux lite 5.2 tommorow

so a day and a half back on Linux lite and i am already looking at hopping to a different distro on my lappy!

@derek hey Derek. I need some help. I'm thinking of going to gecko linux but I'm not ok supporting pantheon. I disagree on elementary os approach. Is the other de that they got like xfce stable on that distro?

guys i need help. going to be modding a old gameboy pocket! will i need a ifixt tool set?

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RT @eff: Rules that platforms use to decide whether or not accounts get taken down must be transparent, and consistent—and we call on polic…

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Universities should strike any app mandates from their existing student commitments, and should pledge to not include them in future student commitments. act.eff.org/action/end-univers

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It should concern everyone how the big tech companies can shutdown someone at a moment's notice effectively closing the doors on another company without any legal judgment. They became the judge jury and executioner.

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