Guys I need help. I need some podcasts
It like all my favorites went to freaking political . Looking for music and bible teaching .

Guys I will need prayers. I am attempting to transfer at work. But I am in a cross way. Last time I attempted this I almost got fired. Plus I'm going to a fc.

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Contains a tiny bit of drama stuff 

I am no longer supporting or watching destination linux content due to micheal being so far up his own ass he has development a bad sense of entitlement

Rather than constantly get called a troll for trying to have some fun with micheal during his live streams i have decided to just stop paying attention to any content involving him

i hope in the future he stops being an entitled person who is so far up his own ass it's hard to even approach him

I am so tired of cancel culture.
is the wrong here.
Rms is not even president of FSF. A board yes but not president

I am about to Just Boycott the Gnome project all together over this witch hunt of RMS. who was in the wrong but was forgiven . he not even president

Hey guys . Haven't forgotten here but been busy

Religious and pol. 

I have problems listening to christian contemporary music.i feel like it pharisees spewing laws and hate instead of what the bible says


The cdc seriously talk about what to do in a zombie event. That to me is suss.
There no way I can trust them..
The CDC is like the umbrella corporation here

It official my puppy got a website.
Guys should liza jane Noctis get a mastodon and toot couple days of the week?

Do me a favor wordpress dot break down when I am trying to update.

@derek hey Derek I'm on a bind. What website builder is open source and workable? I only know of wordpress.

hey guys i need help. i am making my puppy a social media but i need a website. should I go Wordpress or something different?

I am going to the funeral right now and I'm wearing one of my grandpa's pin and my other grandpa's pin (non profit organization stuff) both were involved in. This last 8 months has suck. Thank you everyone that been messaging me and checking on me. I been having to be the eldest grandson and not really show my emotions. But I let it out earlier before everyone was there. Only my mom and her co workers seen me letting my emotions out .

Guys I need another game review site. I can not support christ centered gamers anymore. Me and the owners went at it. I can't recommend them

Hey guys I'll be going to my grandpa viststation today. We in the old town he grew up in. A lil bitty town. At the pizza joint. I'll be on after the thing

Not going to lie my week has suck .
You guys been a good help though.
Also what do you guys think if my puppy gets a mastodon account??

My dad dad passed away this morning.
I'm fine but trying to get dress and shower. But All my cousins are calling me. I'm ok I let it out last night. Right in front of my aunt and uncle. He in heaven now with my grandma.


It really makes me sick to learn that my job is trying. To unionize. Unions do not work. They are lying cheating money grabbing losers.

Need some prayers.
My other grandpa is in the ICU. Stomach cancer

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