Ok I know we got some hams in here . What the commerical version. Of the certificate??

Question doing a DND session tonight.
I can't decide who I want to be but I'm playing as Walter but I have to pick between Elmo or Erin from seasame street since it set in seasame street

Ok guys I need some help. Trying to understand why and or pissing off. Working on a client's project. They drop the ball hard on Facebook. When I was out of town. Now they want a Android app. I am not really liking to doing something half ass or even ok. Where would y'all get the apps made?? Almost got the Facebook decent...

I'm back but I need to focus on here. I also made a minds account for more gaming isk talk guys

So Twitter trying to denie my right to talk to one of my favorite people due to the fact they don't like how I said something. Glad I'm on Mastodon...

I'm on a road on doing a podcast. Cent really tell about it yet. But why is olenclipart down ??

So why is tusky the best client ? Oh wait that because the easy of use and I can be get a separate account setup at easy if I wanted.

@fsf@status.fsf.org hey can you do me a favor and stop sending me stuff to my House. .. I still don't agree what that rep said to me through email . This entire Foss notion is a joke. There no reason for them to call me out for using a a non Foss distribution. I thought I opted out and stop my donation

So I'm over here scratching my head. I'm debating on moving chats I been heavily using my qksms.. but I'm almost going full telegram

Getting a Moto z4. I can't not wait anymore for @purism .... Q3 is not a date. Y'all didn't credit the source of y'all apps at first. ...

Had to leave a telegram group over the stupidity of a mod. I left on my own accord.

So I been busy and I been surfing the web of radio stations again. Found a station called radio u.

For me this weekend is going to be a lil busy. Got to get my Pokemon cards PSA graded

Can't sleep lol anyone got some advice on Cruton a Chromebook?

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