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I haven't had wifi issues on a kernel level in a Linux system in like a decade... Et tu Gentoo?

Does anyone have any suggestions for what distro I should run on my backup laptop? It is a MacBook 4,1. :P (Currently running Debian KDE that I borked up by using root too much)

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Lesson learnt: Installing another DE onto your system can overwrite configurations in slight ways you didn't expect. Therefore making the previous DE annoying to the point of a complete reinstall (because I'm too lazy to fix it).

This is what happened after I installed LXQt on Debian 9 with XFCE. The screen locking broke...

So everyone: Only install simple WMs on a distro with a DE!

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TIL that Power9 CPUs can have 4 or 8 threads per core, that is pretty nuts. Also, a nice article showing the performance of Power9 vs AMD and Intel x86 systems.

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I was debugging some code and didn't understand why after all the change the issue was still there. I just found out that after each change a was recompiling an other project. 🤦‍♂️

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Then they should have partnered with RaptorCS, possibly held off on the Thelio launch, and make it possible. The only issue with the RaptorCS systems is they're more focused towards servers and workstations. POWER9 can virtualize your AMD64 gaming systems with no issue at all, so gamers could STILL be brought in AND we'd have more hardware diversity

@architect Oh, now it looks like System 76 is giving Open Hardware even lower priority than I thought it was. Rather than putting the proprietary crap on the daughter board, and using something like an FPGA on the main board, they just have a dinky open hardware back-plane for storage connection?

New to social Linux and wondering: What would people suggest as a first project for a wannabe software dev to work on? (Be it to start or to contribute)


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