this is a very good introductory video to btrfs, in case someone here wants to use it but doesn't know where to start

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So after losing a day's work to a malfunctioning powershell script, the cause returned back to authentication problems, because someone (probably me) changed the default browser from Edge.

MS right now:

"Edge is the default browser.
All other browsers are inferior."

"Edge! Edge! Edge is the default browser!"

"Edge is the default or I will break your scripts"

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October is Blindness Awareness month. I know we all have a lot to be aware of, from COVID to BIPOC concerns. But, blind people are some of the most disadvantaged people in the world, not having the visual sense that so many take for granted. Please, support your nearest blind person, with your programming knowledge, describing your media or art, or if the blind person is poor, with money or anything to help them feel seen. Thank you to everything you do to include people with disabilities.

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::: LINUX-SAUNA for Finnish users to aid new comers!

It has been brought up, that an influx of new Linux fanciers is going on.

Finland's Linux share recently topped at 10% (!) according to StatCounter 🇫🇮 (

As a result, more got sparked, but are overwhelmed due to variety in Linux, etc.

Please join to help in that Telegram group if a Finnish speaker & can aid new users get cozy :linux:


@goz no, the website itself is immutable. You build the hugo project and your theme of choice, you get a static file bundle that can be deployed on any webserver and that's your website. Build a modified version of the project, you get a whole new bundle ment to completely replace the old one, so no, since no bundle knows about the other version, you can't get what changed. The only way to do it is to rely on the fact the rss feed got regenerated as well, parse that and you can see what's new.

@feditips do you know anything about blogs or websites hosted with static site generators like hugo? even though the content is static, modifications can be done to the website and the build process can be done again, then the rss feed of the site could reflect the changed or added article, etc. Do you know of any fedi pluggin that would post each time content is being rebuilt and pushed to stuff like github pages?

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If you have an indepdently hosted WordPress blog, you can turn it into a Fediverse server using a special plug-in. This means that people on Mastodon etc. can follow your blog and interact with it.

You can install it on your blog by logging into the WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New, then search for "ActivityPub". The plug-in you want is called "ActivityPub" and is by Matias Pfefferle.

You can also see more info about it at and the author is on the Fediverse at @pfefferle

Once it's installed, you can find the blog's Fediverse address in your WordPress dashboard's Users section, it's listed at the bottom of the user's profile options. You can copy and paste this address into the search box on Mastodon etc to interact with that user's blog.

You'll also see an ActivityPub section in the Settings menu.

Note : This plug-in only works on independently hosted WordPress-powered blogs. It doesn't work on free blogs.

#WordPress #Fediverse

@kde_community are there any plans to include more accessibility in future kde versions?

is this something other people encounter as well, or is it because I may have installed it incorrectly? if it's consistent, any way to mitigate or work around the issues I outlined above?

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messing with again, because using only gnome isn't good for maintaining openmindedness imho. So, the desktop itself works, however I can't put any icons on it, no way to do it accessibly with the keyboard. Next, I can't get to the pannel with notifications, battery indicator, calendar and so on. Then, settings freezes often, most categories present them selfs as an empty pannel, the dash menu that opens on pressing meta is confusing as in very impredictable to the icon placement.

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"Fediverse: Peopleverse!"

That's the way I'll campaign for #Fediverse and advocate it to others.

Notions of #Metaverse and #Web3 have in common that they lack humanity.

People, humans, mankind.. that's fedi right there.

There's the #SocialHub slogans of fedizens #UnitedInDiversity and #ReimagineSocialNetworking to help with that. Weaving a #SocialFabric together.

I'll also use #WEB0 #SmallWeb and #OpenWeb where appropriate to highlight specific characteristics.

Rise of the #Peopleverse

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Devices are general purpose computers. Yet manufacturers, vendors, and internet platforms exercise monopolistic control over equipment and restrict #softwarefreedom. We respond: users should have access to alternative services and content in their devices

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Oooh, just came across an article in the newspaper mentioning Jitsi, the FOSS video-conferencing service! 🥳

Original link:

(works in :firefox:​ reader mode)



Working with and being slightly frustrated by over here.
Does anyone know how I can boost or favorite a post, reply to a thread and so on? I've tryed to long press the message to no avail, it just opens the message in a separate window as it does with a normal click, activating the more options button does nothing but pops up a menu with a single item, open in browser, where I have to be logged in for things to work. So, does anyone know how I can better operate with talkback?

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Asahi Lina got the Linux GPU driver for ARM Macs written in Rust to start working 🚀

it seemns the world has gone crazy, yet again. This time, some researchers managed to make a chat AI bot that would replicate the linux operating system in a conversation. Its answers were, while funny at times, what I would expect from an avatar embodying linux and the free software movement. Check it out here:

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it seemns matrix patched some end to end encryption vulnerabilities in the matrix js, matrix android and matrix ios sdk. For those of you using element, I recommend you update asap. If you are a package maintainer of element for a linux distro, consider packaging the newest version containing those fixes, some of the vulnerabilities are critical and could potentially impact users. For more information, see here

@devinprater I never saw that in my life. I mean, sure, pdf docs for university work which only contain images, maybe, especially in math classes. However, this is an entirely new level of plane not caring.

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