also, is there any way to disable mastodon's 500 char limit? it's getting annoying, especially when I want to toot something a tiny bit longer than the character limit, yet not worthy of a reply to the original.

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@bgtlover has a 5000 character limit. So there is a way.

@bgtlover unfortunately, there's no GUI for it, and the option is only available to instance admins with physical access to the machine.

The 500 characters limit is quite hardcoded in the Mastodon project. The only way of increasing it is by running your own instance and modifying its source code.

You can take a look at this commit on my fork of Mastodon: It increases the character limit to 10,000 on the instance - but you may notice that you have to change at least three source files in order to get it through.

Feel free to open an issue/PR to the project to make this option more easily configurable though - I'm pretty sure that there's already an open issue for it.

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