Does anyone know how I could natively connect to Microsoft Teams? Browser kind of work, but notifications are broken. I hoped for a bitlbee bridge, but no-one seems to talk about this.

@benoitj I wish I had a good answer for you, because I’m looking too. But, I thought I’d mention something odd I found yesterday. I launch Teams as a Chromium shortcut, and I found that video, audio, and screen sharing work when I’m in a group chat, but not when I’m one an individual chat. No luck on the notifications though.

@Bitterbridge yes, it seems to use WebRTC but has crappy browser compatibility detection. IIRC you can trigger that by changing the browser agent string.

@Bitterbridge I'm in this situation due to my success at convincing management at work that we should be able to choose our tools and I choose linux. The office tools runs mostly MS stuff, but 1/2 of the staff work in java and deploy in linux. Skype for business (MS Link) would work actually better, but MS is fighting slack and the like with MS Team which is not that great.

@benoitj I'm in a similar situation. Major changeover to 365. My team could technically use whatever we want to communicate with each other, but we still need to be able to communicate with the rest of the company as well. I would take an electron app if it meant OS integration.

@Bitterbridge I believe I've seen one electron app that claimed to have fixed the notifications. a fork of an abadonware electron app on github. I still havent tried it.

@Bitterbridge changeover to 365 is actually not a bad thing IMO. Most of the apps have web counterpart which work in case I must use something that breaks evolution or libreoffice. I produce most of my documents with asciidoc, plantuml, and similar tools.

@benoitj I agree with you, I just decided to sell out all the way and build in OneDrive integration and use the online versions of most of the apps (for all non-coding work). I don't mind it at all. Web Outlook actually works fine, it's really just Teams that causes me a headache.

@benoitj I’ve not used evolution before. Does it have calendar integration?

@Bitterbridge I use it is gnome ubuntu 18.04 and I also get native notifications. Evolution has some look and feel of outlook

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