I read that @jas_np@twitter.com thinks "MATE—while venerable—is essentially in maintenance mode" 😲 As a core MATE Desktop contributor and project lead for @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com, I kindly suggest you educate yourself about the momentum and direction of MATE.

So, I've been playing around with clojure, or lisp for the JVM and I must say.

Even though C is and will probably remain my favorite programming language.

Clojure is quite exciting! everything is so different and in a sense so challenging. It feels like I am relearning programming and it is just so fun.
I might not go to use it full time, though I will create a dummy project with it just to get a real feeling to it.

But so far, I am really enjoying just learning clojure.

So, again instead of doing my homework, I composed another game(which I probably won't completely finish)

Chess! with SDL using C.
But! I hear you say, I don't have anyone to play with!

Well my friend, the AI is also implemented! so you don't need any friends to play this game with! You can just have this AI destroy you!

if you do win let me know! if you improve the heuristic somehow, also let me know!
(Currently the game proceed even after there is a winner)


Ive been considering making a minimal gtk email client. With vim bindings and the like.
Now, implementing SMTP and IMAP is a no go, but with msmtp and isync it is very possible, notmuch to get the email data itself and you are really just connecting a few great open source projects together.

Why not just use mutt? Mutt is awesome, but doesn't support RTL languages, which is a deal breaker for me, or else I'd be all over it.

@aral Foss devs and designers: so I work on this in my spare time, after work, when dinner is eaten and the kids are put to bed. Instead of watching a movie hanging out with my partner etc.
I know millions of users use my stuff and the stress and time constraint causes FOSS people like me into higher burnout numbers than others but I still try to appease the users.

Random people: YOU SUCK! Do what I tell you! Lol

I set up a Neocities page, and am thinking of using it to host some things of use for students in classes that I teach -- specifically interactive examples.


@BabyWOGUE as the main PR guy for silverblue, when will we get silverblue stickers? 😝

After 6 months of effort by our talented team of contributors, we are thrilled to announce the immediate release of GNOME 3.32, "Taipei". Please see our release announcement for the comprehensive list of changes.


Created a model viewer for Megaman Legends 1. The tool can be found here: megamanlegends.gitlab.io/mml1- and the source can be found here: gitlab.com/megamanlegends/mml1

The tools requires the original game files to be provided. Click on the "Open Files" icon, navigate to the CDDATA/DAT directory on the disk, select all of the .BIN files and click "open" to view/export models.

Supported export formats are .glb,.gltf

Hi .

Me and @semordnilap will play Terraria on expert mode tomorrow at 1 pm gmt+1

If you are interested by any chance, DM me and I will give you the server details :)

Has anyone written a GUI for Linux? Which library did you use and which one would you recommend?

I was always a bit reluctant when it came to , watching videos about it always made me roll my eyes.

Though, recently I finally gave it a look, reviewing the book and following along the code snippets, writing very small programs just to get a feeling, I must say, I quite like it.

If you like C like me, what got me put off(at first) is the memory management, so, I do suggest you give it a read.

Whether rust if for you or not, this chapter will help you decide.

Anyone wanna play on expert perhaps? Feeling like picking up the game again and alone is not as fun :3

I am having a problem on Ubuntu 18.04
Used webmin to configure raid 0 on two drives.

It stopped showing up on boot, I have to configure it manually after every reset.
I tried to run the mdadm assemble command manually and nothing seem to happen.

Any thoughts?

Working on with ++
Rendering the map from a textfile so the creation of other maps will be easier.

Yeah... seems like I missed a spot... or a dozen.

Job-related post incoming!

One of my clients is looking to fill a couple of roles:

1) Firmware design engineer

2) Senior Design Engineer

More info here: supplydesign.com/current-vacan

If this is something that might interest you, please get in touch with me or Supply Design directly.

Otherwise, have a Happy 2019 and behave yourselves.

Hi man, as a BSD expert, using an SSD for caching with a zfs raid will yield significant performance improvements if what I care for mostly is the reading speed?

b/c #Flatpak is more community, it will always work perfectly in #Ubuntu, that may not be exactly the case for #Snap in non-Ubuntu Linuxes

and thus if you want both, #Ubuntu may have a lead, lets say against #Fedora. you see the irony?

Rocking fedora, it's the first distro I am using since arch on my main workstation, which I had installed for four years, since I bought it really and I like it.

It is rather surprising how much you can do with it without ever getting to the terminal, though, I basically live in the terminal, so it didn't lasted too long.

Alas, I am impressed.

So, noticed that someone was missing from my stream of toots.
Looking it up, I realized the blocked me.

Nice discovery.
Not sure over what, but, I meant no harm, so I apologize for whatever the cause may be.

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