Hi .

Me and @semordnilap will play Terraria on expert mode tomorrow at 1 pm gmt+1

If you are interested by any chance, DM me and I will give you the server details :)

Has anyone written a GUI for Linux? Which library did you use and which one would you recommend?

I was always a bit reluctant when it came to , watching videos about it always made me roll my eyes.

Though, recently I finally gave it a look, reviewing the book and following along the code snippets, writing very small programs just to get a feeling, I must say, I quite like it.

If you like C like me, what got me put off(at first) is the memory management, so, I do suggest you give it a read.

Whether rust if for you or not, this chapter will help you decide.

Anyone wanna play on expert perhaps? Feeling like picking up the game again and alone is not as fun :3

I am having a problem on Ubuntu 18.04
Used webmin to configure raid 0 on two drives.

It stopped showing up on boot, I have to configure it manually after every reset.
I tried to run the mdadm assemble command manually and nothing seem to happen.

Any thoughts?

Working on with ++
Rendering the map from a textfile so the creation of other maps will be easier.

Yeah... seems like I missed a spot... or a dozen.

Job-related post incoming!

One of my clients is looking to fill a couple of roles:

1) Firmware design engineer

2) Senior Design Engineer

More info here: supplydesign.com/current-vacan

If this is something that might interest you, please get in touch with me or Supply Design directly.

Otherwise, have a Happy 2019 and behave yourselves.

Hi man, as a BSD expert, using an SSD for caching with a zfs raid will yield significant performance improvements if what I care for mostly is the reading speed?

b/c #Flatpak is more community, it will always work perfectly in #Ubuntu, that may not be exactly the case for #Snap in non-Ubuntu Linuxes

and thus if you want both, #Ubuntu may have a lead, lets say against #Fedora. you see the irony?

Rocking fedora, it's the first distro I am using since arch on my main workstation, which I had installed for four years, since I bought it really and I like it.

It is rather surprising how much you can do with it without ever getting to the terminal, though, I basically live in the terminal, so it didn't lasted too long.

Alas, I am impressed.

So, noticed that someone was missing from my stream of toots.
Looking it up, I realized the blocked me.

Nice discovery.
Not sure over what, but, I meant no harm, so I apologize for whatever the cause may be.

Does anyone know how I can set the default fonts for individual languages in Arch?

I have a problem where plain text content in Korean and Chinese will be displayed in awkward fonts/sizes. There may be a more elegant solution for this. Any thoughts?

Also also: my best friend's sister is a pretty talented artist, I might have to comission her for some extra work. instagram.com/kit_kat3284/ if you're interested, she's a pretty awesome person with some really cool, self-made art decorating her place. Shoot her a message to see what she can do if you need some art drawn up, especially abstract/surreal styles

Definitely promotion, but she deserves it, she's awesome

Yay! we got update on #29 finally so hibernation is working once again!
(Both on and proper!)


Alright, I programmed by myself for an hour or so, seeing that no one really joined I am stopping the stream for now.

I am live! twitch.tv/bennydarshan

Join the chat at letschatlinux.com, either with your favorite IRC client or the web client, the room we will be using is .

We will start in fifteen minutes.


Alright, so it seems like everything is set.

I will be streaming on the 22th(Tomorrow for some), at 00:00 gmt+2.

We won't be using twitch chat, but the guys at were so kind to set us up with an irc room.

Lastly, I tried to use a laptop and tested streaming, but I wasn't happy with the result, so I will install fedora on my main workstation, which I haven't reinstalled since I bought it...(4 yrs)

Alright, so I got some feedback from your guys at and so I think I will go for it.

I plan to stream at the 22th of dec, at 00:00 gmt + 2.(that's 22:00 UTC)

I will go for in ++ with as I said.

And as per @architect suggestion, I will start from scratch completely, as in, a clean linux() install and go through the tools that we are going to use before writing any code.

We will be using -Builder with -Make.

I wondered about the idea of streaming a programming session of sort.
What I was thinking is maybe create in ++ with

I am not an amazing developer, but I think it will be fun, it might encourage others to try developing games with a more low level approach, without a complete engine to begin with.

Well, here's a thought, whether you guys thinks it will be cool or lame, let me know!

Does anyone have an idea on how to self host a MMS server?
The carrier is a 4G only service and doesn't provide a MMS server, but from what I heard you can set up your own server (and a mms-email gateway). So does that also require a SMS gateway? I think MMS sends a SMS to the recipient with the URL of the MMS during the delivery process.
Is it possible to set one up without a SMS gateway?

I don't want to be able to communicate with other MMS servers. I will set my server on all devices.

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