Weekend fun project, ready to solder some sensors to use with Rasperrypi.

:yay: :raspberry_pi:

I just donated to DAVx5 (DAVdroid) because it's awesome and I use it daily! You should too davx5.com/donate#c8

My two new 4T drives arrived! I can finally start building my :freebsd:

Sales, and I went on a shopping spree yesterday :yay: Got some sweet classics on bluray and the whole Friends collection. That should do it for 2019!

My new toys arrived! That's a tp-link W8970 v1.2, an 8-port gigabit switch, and a wifi repeater. All for €43.50! Got them refurbished from remotes4you.eu/en/

Now I need to flash and I'm set.

My uncle smokes some cigarettes that have full ownership over you


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...