And to think I was about to give them the benefit of the doubt, not anymore ☺️

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Oh noos, I gots dream Stan’s attacking me! What ever will I do?

at this point, it's easy to even dox me. My information is publicly available, won't say how, just involves a company I work for

RT nah, it's just people being way too obsessed with dream, then when you talk shit, they turn mad and dox you.


yes, this is legit, I literally downloaded it myself while looking for a leaked copy, just because I wanted to know how shit it was

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Interested in the awful courses that Mr Tate made? Don't waste your money! Instead, download from here: hxxps://cracked(.)io/Thread-Leak-DOWNLOAD-LEAK-Andrew-Tate-s-Course-Hustlers-University-2-0-Mega-link

A friend got access to the Dall-E V2 Beta, and it seem you will now have to buy credit's for image generation. But with that, you seem to be getting better generated images. Would You be Willing to pay $15 for 115 Credits, for better generated results?

Gotta love, clicked the support ticket button on 1 account, didn't realize it switched accounts, and the support ticket is now on the wrong fucking account...

I’ve said in the past my opinion about unions. I found out this is only the union my job has that’s bad. It’s something called a corporate union, which they will only fight for you if you got fired or smth. That’s it. As long as they make money, they couldn’t care less.

Mi maestro dijo una vez, si te atrae una piel fortnite... Definitivamente deberías reconsiderar tus elecciones de vida, hombre, lo digo en serio, esta vez no rima.

I don't pay my taxes, and you?! 🤔 Click the poll now to tweet if you don't pay your taxes too! might be interested in this (if she didn't already know), but Verzion's 3G CDMA Network is shutting down on December 31th 2022.


Trans women:
you will NEVER be a boy. NEVER!

Trans men:
You will NEVER be a girl. NEVER!


All I’ll say is, we had an active shooter in the dorms at my old university…

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“When the child is in the womb, it’ll be as safe as being in a classroom”…

How tf is that safe? I wasn’t even safe in my own door room at uni 😂

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