I think my social goal in life is not to be a menace to people, but also go with an "eye for eye" philosophy. If you hit me, I'll hit back, for example. Also while understanding why they don't like me; that's how to improve. If you don't like me because I talk too much but you never tell me, I'll just keep going not knowing that that's the problem.

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The PlayStation Vita reminds me a lot of the Nokia N-Gage. Except it actually kinda succeeded.
Sony were obviously trying to make a game system that could also be a cellphone (unlike Nokia's cellphone that played games), but kinda backed down afterwards and made it a portable game console. And of course, it was a failure.
Not in my book though, has some cool titles (cough, gravity rush), and with homebrew you can really have fun with it.
Even though the Switch does everything a Vita can do...

I wonder when privacy will no longer be considered as a fundamental human right.

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Feel free to try new things. I mean look at me, I got made cuz of a 'huh i wonder if this would work' mood!

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I just updated my Wii Shop Channel Music browser extension, which plays the Wii Shop Channel theme in the background when you visit a shopping website. It now has more music options, a playback toggle, and better site detection!

Blog post: blog.corbin.io/post/6742340584

I don't like how a lot of people talk about "apple/Google's new headset" like it's VR, when in reality it's MIXED Reality. Not Virtual Reality. One blends in your physical reality, the other substitutes your reality (while still bound by physical restrictions).

I just heard "decentralized pizza" and I don't think I've ever interpreted something stupider than that.
Although knowing myself I probably did interpret something stupider but anyway

The reason why I'm not really into "competitive FPSes" like Fortnite, Call of Duty and even things like Splitgate is because they all have this stupid "season 0, 1, 2" garbage and monetize the crap out of their games with cosmetics and stuff.
Rainbow Six Siege was actually pretty alright (god I need to play it again, I miss those times), but now that they made Extraction, I have this feeling they'll leave Siege behind.

Stadia Pro games are nothing to write home about. They're games, but they aren't.. good? So no one's really missing out on anything.
Welp, that can get off of my backlog now.

wait i just realized the stadia controller is a cloud connected controller
what could go wrong?!

Wait, did Proton enable online multiplayer on Halo MCC? ProtonDB reports indicate that 3 weeks ago someone couldn't get it to work, but 2 weeks ago worked without problem.

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How has no one ported Super Mario 64 to the Xbox 360 yet?

What the campaign against encryption makes me realize is that people get really sensitive when it comes to child protection. Everyone wants to help them but no one takes care of them.
Want someone to go down? Cancel them by saying they're a child predator. Want to take a service down? Say that it's hurting children. Everyone eats that shit up nowadays. It's a new age of disinformation, we are effectively removing children's freedom, in some form.
For better or for worse.

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