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Turns out, unplugging everything as a preparation for a flight this evening was most certainly premature.
This is okay though. Listening to NIN isn't bad.

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Yep, I'm ready for the day now!

Only difference I see between a Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 Pro is a forehead.

if an entire class has an average below the passing grade on a final exam, do you think they'll just let everyone pass?
'cause that's what is going on in my math class.

honestly, going from an nvidia gpu to an amd one, the toughest part was removing all the nvidia driver shit that I did to get just a half-assed linux experience. (and lining up the GPU brackets but that's okay I'm just an idiot)
from there, I literally just installed some packages here and there and immediately could play vidja gaem like any other person normally would

My laptop battery is pretty much the same capacity as my phone. (speaking of which, I'll likely want to replace my laptop battery soon, it's starting to last not very long)

well actually why am I taking the damn dog out at 11 at fucking night

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note to self: don't set a timer outside late at night to take the dog out, no matter how many mute mechanisms are active it will ring no matter what (thanks Google, I might have woken up an entire population)

what better game to play on this summer vacation than Vacation Simulator

i keep hitting Alt+1 in KDE thinking it'll switch desktops, and that's why I keep opening System Settings instead.

*pleasant alarm sound at 7 am*
"Good morning. It is currently 18 degrees Celsius outside. You have 3 events today. Here's the latest news."

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I can just imagine a new update for Google Nest alarms that dismisses the alarm if you scream loud enough.

Light hearted, "hot take" comment, politics related. Not meant with any meaning or seriousness. 

A world without conflicts, without angst, where someone can't get judged for being different and living in harmony with each other.
...and that's communism!

political, """"privacy"""" talk (more of a rant), being tired of propaganda fud 

I'm just gonna mute every account that spreads paranoid shit about "government tracking you" or whatever, I've fucking had enough. At this point my fucking chair is gonna be listening to me.
Fuck off with your paranoid fud, can we just enjoy being human. Go burn every phone you see then. Strand yourself home or whatever.

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