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If anyone is interested in throwing a glance into the BSD world - here are episodes of BSDTalk (over 260) since 2005:

I bought a second-hand 26" flatscreen TV and I cannot seem to find the HDMI nor the VGA port. :thinking:

Now this looks like a cool website:
Lots of people sharing .files for i3wm, conky, etc :)

Isn't there someone with working


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Is down?

Or does it work from certain countries?

Fediverse as of 2018-08-24.

7 788 instances with 1 303 382 connections.

Let's look at the different clusters. They aren't clearly separated, but still visible.

On Mastodon there is no way to simply follow an other instance. I cannot add a timeline - e.g. if I'd like to follow posts from - to my "Home" or "Local" flow of posts on

However there is

Simply open a new tab, use the link above and put in the field. All the posts from the fosstodon instance will be shown on the page (so creating an account for the other instance is not necessary, which would be an other option).

Just checked: In the "Local" timeline I can go back two weeks - no more! In "Home" it's only two days - no more! (Using webclients like pinafore or halcyon).

Adélie Linux.

In BETA phase now, already intriguing.

Based on "GNUless" Alpine Linux, but aiming for common desktop use. Userland instead of GNU Core: BusyBox.

For C standard library, it uses musl, instead of GNU glibc.

"We do believe that Linux should be usable by anyone, regardless of income level or past computer experience. We don't believe that Linux has to be hard to use."

Eye on this one.


Well, I guess it's somehow "built in" as in the "Home" timeline I cannot go further back than this post:

In my "Home" timeline, how can I have a look at Toots older than two days?

Is there some kind of a time-limit? Just realized I cannot scroll down further to Toots older than "2d".

"Mastodon doesn't feature keyword search." - is this correct?

Just read it in an article from last year.

Is there no way to search Mastodon for keywords (only for tags)?

Does someone maybe know a way to extract .rar files only with free packages?
unrar is proprietary and 7z did not work for me with all the .rar files.

Just to ask it also around weekend time: Are the Kobo Aura One and the 10" reMarkable (technically) the best E-readers (in the around 8" or over category) that are capable of running Linux? Or is there maybe a better E-reader device someone using with Linux?

New #palemoon milestone planned for mid-August 

"On the surface, very little will change as Pale Moon will remain Pale Moon. Under the hood, however, things will be radically different as we'll be building on UXP, the same platform in use for Basilisk and the new IceWeasel-UXP."

@resist_berlin while it's still a prototype so far, it seems fair to keep an eye into, which extends the ricochet protocol "to support asynchronous, multi-peer group communications through the use of discardable, untrusted, anonymous infrastructure" :)

Is the Kobo Aura One (technically) the best E-reader (in the around 8" or over category) that is capable of running on Linux?
Or is there maybe a better E-reader device someone using it with Linux?

Is there maybe a frontend, which shows the number of comments after a toot? Or just shows something, which indicates whether there are comments or not?

I'm a bit surprised there is no way to add the posts of an other instance to the local timeline. More accounts are needed for this task.

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