Hi everyone!

ForgeFed is a project aiming to define a protocol and a vocabulary for federation of project hosting and collaboration platforms (forges), and get it implemented in the existing forges such as GitLab CE, Gitea and so on.

Federation is based on ActivityPub with some tweaks and new vocabulary :)

I'm working on a demo, implementing federation in a forge called Vervis. Earlier today I deployed 2 test instances for this! More details and links soon :)


@bartleby @amolith@masto.nixnet.xyz Yeah, protonmail clarified that it's BS. However: Did anyone try to use proton over the TBB bundle? It's ridiculously bad. That article is also correct on metadata. Metadata has to be protected too (but with regular e-mail it isn't.

What about Confidantmail?

Any long-time user here? We should be starting using something like that....

@cameron You can also install android in a VM. I tried that with virtualbox and it was working fine.

This is how state authorities in Germany try to put pressure on internet sevices (in this case posteo):


@nomadlogic @lattera In my eyes it's more about getting rid of e-mails and using something encrypted without metadata. e-mails just rely on bad technology in this respect.

@DashEquals I see. What's the idea behind social.librem.one not having a public timeline? I mean anyone can register.


Peek into any public Mastodon Timeline



It's great. Somehow does not work with social.librem.one. Works fine with other instances.

@Ben @kuketzblog Die Frau hat schon Recht. Wenn man schon zig Milliarden für ö-rechtliches Bildungsfernsehen ausgibt, dann sollten die Leute diese Sendungen gefälligst auch schauen (und nicht so Youtube-Kram). Echt skandalös die ganze Geschichte...

@antaeus What a shame. And basically the whole world is buying machines with that piece of backdoored junk (called Intel CPU with Intel ME) like there is no tomorrow. Silly (thinking also of the Huawei story right now)...

@reflipd Is Opera Touch still based on Presto? It's a pity Presto never was officially opensourced.

@cwebber As a sidenote: I'm glad every time if I see someone who cares about using GitLab (or similar) instead of Micro$oftGithub.

@amolith@masto.nixnet.xyz On May 23rd...

Karl Koch died on May 23rd while he was 23 years old....

@kuketzblog Hehehe... Was wäre aber tatsächlich banking without bullshit?

@haagen @polychrome That's what I was just thinking. Now many years later I'm sitting in front of midnight commander... (otherwise being a fan of SpaceFM)

In the Local timeline I can scroll back two weeks (and longer) but in the Home timeline only 1 (one) day.

@cameron How has it been going with Seamonkey? They say the project seems to be understaffed but to be honest I liked it better than Firefox.

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