Browser Spyware

I always wanted to read a browser-comparison (analysis) like on this site:

According to that site the following browsers are recommended:
- Qutebrowser
- Otter Browser
- GNU IceCat

Also, if you consider the hints:
- Falkon
- Iridium
- Pale Moon

- Not on the list: Ungoogled Chromium

* Install instructions for the Qutebrowser:

* Otter Browser install instructions:

* GNU IceCat:

a solution:
make the web multifaceted again.

gopher hosts html too

@nergal Yeah, I should have mentioned lynx as terminal browser, which works with gopher out-of-the-box.
Actually I was thinking about building a new, better web instead of the tracking/ads/spyware shithole as it became now. We could start on the remains of Chaosnet and gopher.

what about the ideas of and ? decentralized, generalized and mobilized -- just like dialup was :thaenkin:


@nergal Hubzilla is awesome but if I remember correctly the lead developer (Macgirvin) just announced that he'll focus on a different project. But the concept is great. However I'm afraid it won't solve any of the current issues with the web. It might be a nice social networking tool on a different web though. I'm not familiar with fastcompany.

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