In Portuguese Friday is spelled "sexta". Why am I telling you this?

1. To also tell you this is probably the only Portuguese word you will learn this year and
2. Every Friday I laugh at my computer because Ubuntu likes shortening it.

Hoping windows installer doesn't fuck up my distro

After one year I'm gonna try a windows/linux dual boot again. I miss my flight simulator.

Today I downloaded a 124MB txt file.

But that's ok. The problem is that my internet is so bad that I had to go outside and download it via the neighbor's Wi-Fi through my phone.

But Firefox mobile didn't want to save the .txt to my phone. I installed a Download manager just for that.

And now I come back to my Data Science studies :)

That took me 10 minutes. Downloading from my internet would've taken 40 minutes '-' I'm upgrading my connection next week... Hopefully...

Hey. I made my first public project on github. If you could give me some feedback I would be very thankful.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..