Dear xfce4 devs, this is not what I want to wake up to in the middle of the night:

@OpenComputeDesign do you have a pine phone or similar? What OSs have you tried on it if you have? What was the experience like?

@EmeraldArcher even so, and I am not arguing, just justifying my choice (as I type this on a s9+ lol) you still cant get rid if all the Samsung stuff and don't get me started on the Bixby button..... which you cant even use If you don't sign into a Samsung acct. The phone itself I think has a nice design and has a lot of potential for lineage (the outside US ones already do, even the s10 series, albeit unofficial) it also just sucks that only the US version cant unlock the booloader :(

@EmeraldArcher s9 and s10 models can not (at least the models with the chips that are sold in America) and apparently my one plus 3t is too old to work on the network? iPhone se is looking like the way I'll go. I should probably play around with my pine phone at some point lol

Would you rather:

iPhone. :apple_inc:

Android phone that can not be flashed with lineage. :android:

(And before you say pinephone, have you tried to use one as your daily?)🌲

@SharksOnCoffee of course! Where are you stuck? I also have a video, albeit a bit dated. But I think the info is still relevant.

I was playing overwatch and told ppl I was playing on Linux. One dude gave me a lot of shit, and then after the match friended me and asked how he could play overwatch on Linux. Good night.

I had a bánh mi sandwich today. It was very good.

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Playing Far Cry 4 on low settings: 30 FPS
Playing Far Cry 4 on ultra settings: 30 FPS
#consistency #steady

@malin but it’s from the most magical parts of the 🐷!

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[LIVE] Hack'n'Slay: I play „The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing“ now. Join me! #hatclan #Twitch #RPG #Linux #Wine #DXVK #DRMfree

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@rain way back in like 2010-2011 the jailbreaking scene was getting sort of popular and as popularity ramped up over the next few years some of the devs of the cooler jailbreak apps started charging for “premium” features of apps and it sort of stuck. It’s been like almost 3 years since I jailbroke an iPhone but it was like that then as well. I have been tempted to do it to this iPhone 11 just to see how it is now a days.

Will Smith was never in the middle of the club with a rubber duck. My life is a lie.

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