Ok , what do we need to make a new platform? Twitch is killing itself with ads and YouTube live is, well, YouTube live..... What would be the infrastructure we need? How can we do this? 🤔

@archtoasty It would be awesome! Maybe like p2p like with peertube if that is possible! And having it decentralized!

@ChrisTalleras maybe with a very small limit on the amount peers the stream could go through it would be fine

@tromino but also! Peertube has like a backup system do its not p2p only which could be done for the stream too

@ChrisTalleras what I think would be cool is if some future federated streaming service could implement something similar to Mixer's ftl protocol for that nice sub-second latency

@archtoasty oodles of money. All the money. Streaming video is REALLY expensive. You could do peer to peer (flash had that built in), but it will have lots of lag then.

@archtoasty well I would say. Good apps for iOS and Android + proper tablet UI. Good website. Some sort of monitization option. Good network and servers in many places so that its fast. Social influence to have people start using it. Good creators. Good amount of investment capital. Plenty of very skilled people. Good video processing algorithms. And finally a quirk. Something that makes people switch. And no not opensource needs to be something the masses would want.

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