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US Financial Consideration 

Hey parents! I know you love your kids and want the best for them, so consider setting them up with a Roth IRA as soon as possible. With roughly 50-60yrs of growth possible, even a small amount contributed early with a moderate risk profile can set them up with enough money when they retire that they can worry about what makes them happiest during their working lives.

Just something to consider.

split(1) and cat(1) are heckin cool. Had to split an encrypted tarball to fit on discs, and all that's needed to recombine the parts is `cat tarball.gpg.p{0,1} > tarball.gpg`, even verified the checksums trivially with `cat tarball.gpg.p{0,1} | openssl dgst -blake2b512` compared to the computed values for the full tarball

It's taken way longer than expected, but hopefully with some new help showing up at work, I'll have some energy to refresh my understanding on PL/SQL trigger functions to prototype blocking spammers from even being able to register for an account.

After work I've rarely even had the energy to cook anything, which sucks because frozen food is super bland. Luckily fried rice is crazy easy to do though with a bit of planning.

Micro-LED sure seems interesting, but I'm still glad I got an OLED 65A8G instead of some QLED display.

I think it'll be mostly useless, like when I made my own peanut butter, but it should be fun.

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fun, but obvious baking tip 

This can also be a nice way to get those nutty flavors without picky kids getting pissy at you because they don't like nuts in their cookies. No idea how prevalent that issue is, but now you can trick them into developing an enjoyment of more complex flavors!

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fun, but obvious baking tip 

If you're making chocolate chip cookies, consider getting some almond, peanut, or other savory nut/legume flour to supplement your AP flour. This batch has a nice sort of golden color with 1.25 cups of AP flour and .75 cups peanut flour (PB Fit), also bourbon infused vanilla and they're delicious. Pretty sure almond flour would've worked just as well, but I went with peanut butter because there's a reason peanut butter cups are as tasty as they are.

Cooked the rice a bit longer. Still not crazy about the brown rice for my fried rice. It's not bad, but it's just not as good.

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Programming by starting with a big block of 0xFF and carving away everything that isn't your program

Made fried rice with some brown jasmine rice yesterday, still pretty good, but I don't like brown rice as much as white rice for use in fried rice. The texture's a bit odd, but it might work well if I cook the rice a bit longer.

Today I'm going to add some bourbon barrel smoked sausages to complement the hickory smoked ham.

stupid cleaning robot isn't cleaning. but at least it's not rebelling like in love, death, and robots.

Welp, the sky burst, the trees are raving, and there's a light show in the air, so PCs going to sleep.

Also, don't use absolute paths unless you can guarantee they'll always be available. (And then document why your code cares)

Allow for dynamic detection of needed resources at runtime and/or user configuration.

Also also, document why, if at all, your system requires installation with a privileged account. It's really hard to convert to a more agnostic design after the fact.

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Please don't develop exclusively to run in Docker/whatever containers, it makes maintenance, debugging, etc, much harder than it needs to be.


Also, I think it's hilarious that Ethan fucking reattached his hand with some antiseptic/miracle gro.

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"I hate it when you leave, but I love your ass, or however that phrase goes." -- Some sample from Indiemaus' "Super Resident Evil Village" that caught me off guard and caused me to pause and rewind the video because I was laughing too much.

Do you have any open source projects you love but never use because they have a ways to go? Anyway time for my yearly check in on haiku and reactos!

I love how cute Kurzgesagt can make existential dread

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