The HBSD server keeps rebooting for no discernable reason. Really doubt that it's the OS, but I also can't tell anything with the hardware. Guess if it reboots again, I'll have to get something like the system rescue CD to run memtest and other test suites on it.

@architect last time i had that happen with a dell server it was the motherboard. Got no error passed every test but just randomly rebooted. You should also check if it was updated for meltdown spector as the update can cause that.

@omnipotens @bahua

Actually spoke with the head of production engineering about it, looks like this was reported in the field as well. Gonna try pulling some data from the IPMI logs before we RMA it and (hopefully) replace it with one of those sexy Dell servers we installed to be our new firewalls.

@omnipotens @bahua
HardenedBSD 12.0-CURRENT with the meltdown and spectre mitigations (also did 11.0-STABLE), but there's nothing in the system logs and it periodically fails to POST. Beeping and flashing red lights, doesn't matter if it's idling or under stress.

@architect @bahua Thats the exact same description for the spectre and meltdown issues with the microcode. I bet if you remove it the server will be stable. description is basically random reboots with no logs and failed posts.

@omnipotens @bahua
This behaviour started long before the exploits were released, and as far as I'm aware, the microcode hasn't been updated, but I'll check that tomorrow before we decide whether or not to RMA the system

@omnipotens @bahua
Next I just need a convincing reason to steal one of those 4U desktop workstations we have lying around, lol

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