US Financial Consideration 

Hey parents! I know you love your kids and want the best for them, so consider setting them up with a Roth IRA as soon as possible. With roughly 50-60yrs of growth possible, even a small amount contributed early with a moderate risk profile can set them up with enough money when they retire that they can worry about what makes them happiest during their working lives.

Just something to consider.

US Financial Consideration 

Also, if you have a house, put it in a trust. If you don't have a house, don't buy it in your name, buy it as a trust with yourself as the trustee. Now your kids don't have to buy it from the estate when you pass, they just become a controlling party of the trust.

Also, put as much money as you can into living trusts, so your shit isn't taken by the government and it doesn't go to probate.

Find a licensed fiduciary and discuss this with them.


US Financial Consideration 

But seriously, investigate trusts (real estate and living/general), LLCs, and Roth IRAs to keep the government away from your assets, so you can give your stuff to whoever you deem is worthy when you die. A trust is better than a will in this regard.

If you hate your kids/spouse/etc. then don't make them trustees, pretty simple. Give it to some nice homeless guy or whatever. Just make sure the government doesn't fuck it up like they do almost everything.

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US Financial Consideration 

Even if you think generational wealth is a bad thing, use these mechanisms to give your assets to a charity or something. The government's just going to use it for stupid/evil bullshit if they get their hands on it.

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