Ugh. This home network setup is untenable, Either this weekend or next I'm going to have to go get something like 200-250ft of ethernet, a step stool, and some tape to at least get a more reliable network setup running again.

The networking issues alone are probably going to result in me moving again, regardless of whether or not I change jobs.

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@architect We just setup my friend up with new wireless we used Aruba I think it was AP12. He was in the same boat about to run physical cables. After install of the new wireless, he is getting really fast speeds and no drops or loss.
If you are interested in trying I can find it and send the entire hardware list we used.

@architect Might have been ap22 hell I don't know got to go find the order but Philip said his wireless has never been as fast and stable after adding the 3 AP's and POE switch. Think of going that route at my house too.

@architect wireless n is a cause of sufferation. speed is all it has.

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