Is there a way to stream from a Linux desktop to a smart tv?

@Nesaijn yep. I use minidlna. But you can start the stream from your computer. You need to select the media file on the TV (though it detects and configures everything automatically)
You can also use VLC

@kensp @Nesaijn Minidlna is a great choice, if you are using gnome as your DE however, you have rygel built-in, it works perfectly to me and you just have to enable it from the control settings.

@bennydarshan @kensp Nice. I think minidlna is a good start. I wonder if there is also the possibility to stream my browser to the tv?


@Nesaijn @bennydarshan @kensp
That mostly depends on what the TV can understand, but there's no technical reason you couldn't. Check you manual (or TV settings and inputs) to see what options you have

@kensp @architect @bennydarshan I managed to make minidlna work. It should be enough for my needs for now, but sharing my screen from the network would also be nice. But I guess getting a HDMI cable would be the easier solution.
Thank you for your help.

@Nesaijn @architect @bennydarshan you can share you screen with VLC. You can also use OBS. Just cast it to a web address and open that on the smart TV browser. That might work pretty well.

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