Since it's come up again elsewhere, it's really hard to take the DNC remotely seriously when it comes to taxes. If you abuse the same "loop holes" you demonize others for using, make claims that the deficit isn't important, argue that some well-to-do asshats so far removed from us that they can't possibly understand what we've gone through can spend the money better than us, AND that there's not enough tax revenue to take care of people. You're lying or an idiot.

I totally forgot how unusual functions are in PL/pgSQL compared to languages I use on a regular to semi-regular basis.

On the bright side, just need to flesh out and test this function to deploy some automated anti-spam.

Apparently someone in Italy left me a voicemail today, that was odd.

"You couldn't even pass your computer class at DeVry"

really caught me off guard and made me start giggling.

Apparently MS and Guido are looking for devs to speed up CPython. Whenever I hear this I just want to `sudo ln -f /dev/null $(which python3); echo 'SEE HOW FAST I MADE IT GO!?'`

But I have a hunch that such a PR would be rejected out of hand.

Most likely going to have to do some time travel, possibly with the aid of `git-bisect`.

Odds are the codebase is going to explode again in a few weeks when we start to enforce some heckin standards on it.

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I love how a codebase we have at work seemingly developed an allergy to being able to link certain executables. "seemingly" because it definitely built prior to merging changes, but obviously something's not right.

I might need to read up on the linking step again, but it's weird troubleshooting this too because I happen to have an old copy of the binaries and now the symbols that the linker can't find definitions for are undefined in those old builds.

I could really use a second "cooling rice bowl" to hold my not-yet-fried rice in

shit tooting 

I kinda want to own or at least visit a restaurant called "Maymays", the menu has no memes, just horrible abuses of language that is commonly seen in various memes, like some "hamborgers" and "hambledirgers", "heckin hot source", etc.
The only way to order pasta is to demand the wait staff "pm noods".

I'm sure there's a few more fun things that can be done, especially with alcohol orders only being accepted when asked to be poisoned, but those are the only things top of mind.

Started listening to thoushaltnot.bandcamp.com/albu yesterday, it's a pretty phenomenal live album version.

Also, apparently the whole ThouShaltNot discography is only ~35 USD, which is a huge bargain.

screw around with these ingredients some time, and always have some inexpensive, but good liquor to experiment with. You never know when it's going to work well with something (though I think an awful lot of things go great with bourbon)

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I don't have a recipe, but I made some cookies last night with bourbon (yes, a shot of 4 roses), almond flour, pb fit, cocoa powder, dutch process cocoa rouge, instant espresso, vanilla extract, AP flour, brown sugar, granulated sugar, butter, 50% semisweet chocolate chips, sea salt, butter, eggs, and cinnamon.
They're more of a cookie shaped brownie, but hot damn is the flavor balance delicious. Nothing's overpowering, more cinnamon that would be ideal, but super rich and delectable.

Also great to see the bandcamp for ThouShaltNot updated to point you to the new band the members are in. Not sure yet how the new group compares, but it's certainly exciting to know about!

Also also, Richard D. James has pretty much all of, if not the entirety of his work as AFX, Aphex Twin, Polygon Window, and GAK on his bandcamp.

I'm really enjoying the legendary collection from Mass Effect, but I'm still not crazy about the ME1 gameplay.

Fizzbuzz and reversing a string in place are still valuable, but super easy to research and be ready for, so they can be gamed to a degree.

I'll have to mull it over some, but if you've got any ideas, fedi, I'm open to hearing them. Ideally something that can be done relatively quickly in several languages, but without being so simple as to be a single function. It can't be too abstract either because I need to know they can actually code, not just plan in pseudo code.

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I'm really liking how good a starter project "reimplement env(1) in ${lang} (currently C11) with a POSIX Makefile" has been in getting new team members exposed to the idea of working on C projects.

Still going to take some time to see if I need to tweak that, but it's possible to do in ~100 lines and touches on several important to understand concepts without needing to dive particularly deeply into anything in particular. I need to see if there's a similar program I can use for interviews.

US Financial Consideration 

Even if you think generational wealth is a bad thing, use these mechanisms to give your assets to a charity or something. The government's just going to use it for stupid/evil bullshit if they get their hands on it.

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US Financial Consideration 

But seriously, investigate trusts (real estate and living/general), LLCs, and Roth IRAs to keep the government away from your assets, so you can give your stuff to whoever you deem is worthy when you die. A trust is better than a will in this regard.

If you hate your kids/spouse/etc. then don't make them trustees, pretty simple. Give it to some nice homeless guy or whatever. Just make sure the government doesn't fuck it up like they do almost everything.

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US Financial Consideration 

Also, if you have a house, put it in a trust. If you don't have a house, don't buy it in your name, buy it as a trust with yourself as the trustee. Now your kids don't have to buy it from the estate when you pass, they just become a controlling party of the trust.

Also, put as much money as you can into living trusts, so your shit isn't taken by the government and it doesn't go to probate.

Find a licensed fiduciary and discuss this with them.

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