For those in #infosec managing enterprise-wide VPNs:

If your VPN sets the #IPv4 default route in order to capture traffic or pass through an IDS/IPS, does it also set the #IPv6 default route?

I really need to find a replacement for reddit, but in the meantime, the way their account blocks work is super weird. It basically just makes it look like the person who blocked you got banned or deleted their account (with imperfect results), leading to very confusing interactions like trying to respond to a comment only to get an error message as if you're the one who got banned.

Super inconsistent UX for that feature.


So, are there any remotely mainstream sites/networks reporting on the absolute insanity and lies being spread by the Biden admin?
Like 9mm doesn't somehow blast your lungs out of your body, the savings and financial security of Americans are worse than last year and generally worse than when Trump was in office, and no, we haven't recovered the job losses from shutting down the economy, even according to NPR.

While I'm talking about borgers: lettuce can fuck right off. Why do we even bother with it? Lettuce gives leafy greens a bad name, give me spinach and/or arugula instead to actually provide flavor.

More places should also at least offer red onions instead of the same boring white onions used everywhere. Borgers can be so much more flavorful and people are just doing the safe thing all the time.

We can also use Muenster as a great, mild, and melty cheese instead of just cheddar or american!

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Following on this: I'd love to see someplace augment their meat burgers with either an additional black bean patty or maybe a black bean stuffed patty, since black beans are delicious, and a great compliment to meat (as well as reasonable substitute in some situations).

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I tried an "impossible" burger from a local burgermonger today alongside a beef burger and I'm surprised with the outcome. The impossible borger is aggressively bland and without any similar texture, it actually bored me whire eating, it's not at all bad, but it wasn't good by any means either.
I know it's meant to be a meat replacement, but there's a LONG way left to go, and if I want a non-meat patty (basically never), I'm getting a black bean patty instead.

In other news: today I got to put my admittedly shallow understanding of how filesystems work to explain some interesting behavior to a junior dev on my team.
Turns out our testing procedures didn't mention the risks involved with masking directory contents by mounting a new filesystem on the same mountpoint.

Can we uninstall politicians? They seem to be 99+% bloat on average.
Not sure if a distributed model scales well with the current architecture, but it'd be a hell of a lot leaner for damn sure!

For , here's Iliya being very annoyed at me for coming home so late at night. He was much happier once I picked him up

Ran into some odd behavior recently, I've installed a "debugging" signal handler that dumps data from the siginfo_t struct, this part appears to work just fine. It was initially written expressly for troubleshooting the source of a fatal SIGPIPE that sometimes shows up, however, in testing by using `kill -q 13 $ppid` in a child process, the handler instead sees a SIGTERM.

Still not entirely sure what's happening here, but I've got a few more things to test before I have to move on.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

help me get #fedihired:

I’m looking for a mid-level remote SRE/DevOps position in the USA.

I’m based in SF and open to coming into the office periodically. I’m authorized to work in the USA for a few years but would require sponsorship down the line.

Resume available on demand!

There's still the mystery of just where the hell the data's being written as big endian, but that's not as important right now, since it works and who knows if we're going to have to care about this code.

NOTE: while we can't afford to un-fuck it, we at least don't allow the code to get any **WORSE**

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It took a week to verify a bug in one of our projects was due to using ntohs() instead of ntohl() because of the convoluted build system.

This is just another great example of why it's not acceptable to write terrible code, even when it's "just" your build system or "just" your testing script(s).

Since it's maybe take a look at my collection/wishlist at, see if there's any cool artists you haven't come across yet

I don't know if I'll ever have time to even build an MVP, but I think it'd be interesting to have a build system powered by some kind of , maybe Janet or some kind of , it'd still work on a DAG, like make, but maybe without the need for files to track targets.

Barely more than a thought right now, partly inspired by the proposed new build system for , partly by the eldritch spaghetti I've worked with over the past ~1.5yrs. Definitely interested in hearing other thoughts.

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Maybe I need to spend some time with BSD make to get a better handle on its extensions, but most of the magic there seems to come from the excellent work put into the build framework/library.
XMake sounds nicer than CMake, but unlikely to scratch the itch of a programmatic/programmable build system.
Ninja/Samurai seem awesome, but are meant to be generated rather than written.

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What's your favorite/preferred build system? I really love the simplicity of POSIX make and Plan9's mk, but they do start to feel restrictive or at least unable to reasonably express some of the desires of modern development. On the other hand, GNU Make and CMake in particular feel like they have needlessly complex DSLs that hit a frustrating middle ground where they allow for some programmatic build rules, but still require lots of repitition.

For , here's my 16yr old queen mildly annoyed that I woke up from my nap, ruining her comfy place to curl up and rest.

current events, birbsite 

It's hilarious that democrats are starting to at least sound more interested in the protections provided by section 230 only now that they fear Elon won't be their best friend while owning twitter.

You'd think that if it's a problem for Musk to own it, it's a problem for literally anyone to own it

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