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I really wish I could cost nintendo money, I've not been happy with them for a long time, so their attacks on emulation can't really cause me to boycott them. But really , emulation may not be legal, but it's the only way we can reliably preserve gaming history without obscene amounts of effort and money rebuilding the hardware for the consoles and finding ways to get the game images preserved and loadable

Just as a warning to anyone that ever replies to me or tags me in something, I may never get around to continuing the conversation. Please don't take that personally, I'm just juggling several things for the immediate future and I try to make social media as non-invasive as possible in my life.
Y'all are awesome

So I guess it's going to take a while for me to get any progress made on that front. Don't have time to deal with Linuxisms and converting GNU build systems into a POSIX one. Also, 5000% setting that up in a jail now.

Just got my 10pack of Tomu's, and it looks like I'll be able to get it set up as a hardware token. Eventually. I should really stop being surprised when these cool projects seem to assume everyone's using GNU toolchains, but come on, at least mention that you're making that assumption instead of letting people think you meant something actually portable, like POSIX makefiles and using `cc -march` instead of specifying a grotesque binary name.

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Gets better! I'm now apparently a Holocaust denier! Because I had the audacity to point out someone's assertions were never backed by proof after being challenged.
Gonna need to start some sort of "evil tally" so I can keep track of all the horrible things I am for wanting proof to support large claims.

Lol, pointed out that someone only doubled down in their assertions when asked for proof, now apparently am racist for mentioning they proved nothing at all.

Do people on the internet even know what proof is?

Yay, another Spectre and Meltdown style attack was just published. This one is called L1 Terminal Fault.

This is getting old. Apparently was onto something when they disabld SMT by default.

Y'all, we really need some different CPU architectures. Ideally RISC-V, POWER, MIPS, and SPARC. This would be a killer time to wreck the AMD64 stranglehold on the market if we could get alternative arches without costing an ARM and a leg.
For your own sake, try to not buy any new AMD64 systems if you can avoid it. At least for the next couple years when we might see new silicon being released.

"Foreshadow is an attack on Intel SGX technology which allows an attacker to steal sensitive information stored inside personal computers or third party clouds.

"Foreshadow demonstrates how speculative execution can be exploited for reading the contents of SGX-protected memory. Making things worse, due to SGXโ€™s design, it only takes a single compromised SGX machine in order to erode trust in the entire SGX ecosystem."


#Foreshadow is yet another demonstration why virtualization does not enhance security.


Google temporarily suspended the application `Sync for Reddit` from the Play store due to it containing "hate speech". They have since then "conditionally accepted" the developers appeal without any further explanation and the Reddit client is back up again, but it makes you wonder what they're really doing over there?

Actually turned out surprisingly easy. Thank Cthulu for a shared managed switch! Made the whole thing way easier.

It's really frustrating that almost ALL laptops come with shitty Intel CPUs! Where's my Ryzen CPUs at?!

Well this is fun, need to re-ip some devices with no concept of atomicity and only a single link. hopefully they handle address juggling reasonably well.

When maintainer rants about in man page.

Apparently I have yet another interview to attend. This was entirely unexpected, but let's see what happens, lol

$ man bash | wc -l
$ man rc | wc -l



Lol, of course ProdEng has to tell us that some 11th hour changes to our SIP network last Friday didn't actually fix the problem they reported. Guess who's going to be trying to get useful SIP logs before the weekend?
This guy!