At Texas Cyber Summit, the Raytheon booth had some fun challenges to work on

Company's asked me to go on a business trip to Chian Mai, Thailand.

I suspect they're unaware how difficult development is and how little I am able to do that, but gonna give it a go anyway.

Anyone know how to get a website to record a video?

User goes *click*, recording begins, user speaks, *click*, recording ends, video is saved with username.

I also added onto a bug report for the product development team, noting how the config parser's broken and as a consequence is both a detriment to UX and a potential security risk as it discloses several possible targets for a malicious user to pop a root shell and start reverse engineering anything on the box.
Then I was showed how to get access to the P4 repo and almost immediately regretted it.

Today was kinda fun at work, got a proof-of-concept C binary to show my team mate how simple a naive loop to check for related structs based off their shared unique ID is, compared to the issue we're trying to work around in our Django deployment.
Got to teach him a bit about C and how the data organization being used (2x 10 element arrays of structs, simple nested for loops) was fine for this example, but shouldn't be replicated in a production environment.

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Side note: mobile notifications are some of the worst things to ever be invented. I'd love it if I could just get a badge in my status bar telling me I should check some application when I have time, instead of banners for every notification getting in my face.
I'd turn them off, but then I'd leave things for days or weeks without response and that's just not a good solution.

All these hashtag notification emails are really drowning out some of the more important things like headhunters with actually interesting sounding jobs and my receipts.

Huh, first time getting contacted about a job that I'm conflicted on. Apparently Comcast is looking for people with my skills.

Usually the conflict is over whether or not I'll enjoy the work, not as much an issue who I'm working for. Might be worth going through the interview to see what's up though, since it sounds like a decent job.

Unrelated: hopefully I'll have either one or two working desktop systems in the next week or so. I don't like having to use PC shops, but until I have a more complete lab and the free time to actually troubleshoot all my own hardware thoroughly, it's worth the small cost to let some other people diagnose my hardware. Obviously without the drives though. No way in hell do they get to open my filesystems.

Today I had fun realizing that a certain job site, specifically branded as a site for cyber security professionals will reject registration with both 64 and 32 character passwords, but it wouldn't actually let me know about the failure until after displaying registration success dialog.

That was a fun adventure into things that shouldn't still be issues anymore.

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Since JupiterBroadcasting killed Coder Radio, there's a >0% chance that I might be starting a programming focused podcast with at least one other hacker in the JB community. Could be fun, I guess.

Currently at the "this could be done" stage, but why not have another RSS feed ranting about programming issues?

while I still don't have much experience with it, I'm really enjoying the way Racket encourages a simple, side-effect free, and modular fashion.

So the hackathon's over and to my surprise, my team won for the overall "best"/most innovative project! The only downside of being a Cisco employee is I didn't get to win any of the free hardware, but I do get to release the code we have and use it in that CRM project I've been working on, so if that continues to improve we could have even greater scalability and interop with more services, like Webex. Could even manage the full CRM concept via Webex chats.

Looks like a macro's missing that was needed for dfbeadm to build properly. Doesn't seem to have affected the ability to actually build /sbin/hammer2 though, so that'll be something worth digging into some when I have time... which probably won't be this week thanks to the hackathon.

so day 1 of the hackathon's been interesting so far. got a nice looking hoodie and a backpack that should be pretty nice.
Still mostly boring though and every technology discussed seems to be leaning pretty heavily on JS to do anything, which isn't great, but hey, maybe it'll turn out pretty fun anyway.

I've never done anything with FreeRTOS, but it'd probably be a pretty cool base platform for the Pine Time

As much as I've hated working with Django recently, I've gotta admit it's pretty great getting the core CRUD logic working (though we have no deletion options), now it just needs to be expanded, tested, and documented more thoroughly. There may also be some trigger functions that need to be updated to account for the database changes that have been made.

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