Been spending a bit too much time on BandCamp. Turns out there is a lot of really good music out there. Wishlist growing much faster than I can afford. So, why not add to it? What are you all listening too?
Boosts are cool

>The use of the LZO compression offers 40-74% cold startup improvements over the XZ compression.

*:Shocked pikachu:*


I don't feel like going through past entries, but I'm curious what other encoders they've tried. I can't imagine them settling on XZ for any reason other than trying to minimize size on disk, but maybe I'm missing some context(s).

I'm looking for all sorts of REMOTE tech talent, but this week let's focus on Infrastructure + Ops.

Are you an AWS expert? Love writing terraform? Have strong opinions on observability and loging? Well, then we should talk!

I always love connecting with people over the nerd-networks I am on (Mastodon, IRC, Forums, etc.) - so even the chance to just chat with you all would be great!

Grab a slot!

Job postings and more info here:

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I feel like I wrote entirely too many MRs today. However, I don't think any of them can really be considered "unnecessary" by any means.

PSA: when disabling root login, make sure you have a user to login with ;)

Wow, I've spent almost literally all day asleep and I'm still tired. Hopefully this means I'll be starting the week well rested at least.

Do you use ssh-agent? Why or why not?

Please vote and RT.

#infosec #OpenSSH

:flan_ooh: It's not just a new Noise Unit album today, there's the 20th anniversary edition of Assemblage 23's brilliant, heart-rending "Failure."

So why the hell does anyone trust the FBI again? It's not like this is the first time they've been grossly incompetent if not outright evil.

I have no idea what the rest of my team is going to think, but I'm kinda proud of some patches I pushed today. Now a script can better respond to being arbitrarily renamed and a config value no longer cares about the name at all.

Seems to work fine, but there's probably some tests that need updating.

Don't recall if I've shared this before, but it's the closest I've been to getting a PS5, just thinking at it hard enough to hopefully fall out the back and into the median unharmed, lol

Finally started ME2 on "insanity", shit's way harder than ME1 was, at least the mission to recruit Archangel, fucking everyone has armor of some kind and after getting rid of that the Vorcha and Varren can't really be one-shot killed. Can hardly wait to finish this mission and get some better gear.

I think it's hilarious that Docker inc. thinks "docker desktop" is worth money.

I think it's equally disappointing that a ton of people are absolutely going to start paying them for it though.

Unrelated: if you're writing a Makefile and your recipe ends up being a bunch of calls to sub-make ( "$(MAKE) ..."), unless you're passing the -C flag, you're spawning additional processes for nothing and making your build system harder to trace. Declare those targets as pre-reqs and they can even be done in parallel if their recipes allow for it.

After tomorrow, I really need to try to put a stop to working over 8hrs a day. Right now the only benefit is that I can use the excess time to reduce the amount of PTO I needed to use to take most of last week off.

Also, my roomba seems to be losing its mind, I might need to take it apart and clean out a few things. Keeps claiming that the brush heads need clearing, but they're fine, just lift the roomba, set it down, and hit the button to have it start cleaning again.

Why is every acme client significantly more complex than acme-client(1) from OpenBSD? I spent maybe 30min reading the manual for uacme(1) and it seems to suggest creating/using a wrapper script for it instead of calling the tool directly...

I just want to know what command to run so I can get a generated cert in place, why is that such a difficult use case to suss out?

My first programming language was FORTRAN. What was yours?

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