It's really frustrating not having a desktop workstation at home. I guess I underestimated how much I used it.

I'm grateful to the #HardenedBSD community for pulling together to help replace bits of our aging hardware.

The help and support you're giving to the project puts a much-needed smile on my face.

Thank you.

I really hate having to write cover letters. Would love to just say "Hey it looks like you're looking for people to do cool stuff, I love cool stuff like that! Any chance you'd be willing to pay me to do cool stuff? I'd do it for free, but I have bills and a hardware addiction."

So it looks like HPE is shutting down my R&D lab and merging it with another lab.

Looks like I am going to be looking for work. Anyone know a company hiring for NFV, Openstack,SDN, 5G SDR, Linux work?

For all the DWM admiring Linux hipsters our there ;-) . The suckless site has a nice list of "stuff that rocks". Basically an index of small, efficient applications they like.

Finally got DragonFly running on my laptop again, it's crazy how difficult it's been to get time to do that. Now I can actually work on getting some other things done!

Ugh... not sure what's going on, but it looks like my desktop is rushing to get rid of its magic smoke. So I guess I'm going to have to pause work on my dfbeadm for DragonFly while I collect funds and parts to house a TALOS2 and maybe TR2 system.
Maybe I should get a simple AIO system too that only ever runs "stable" releases, so I don't run into this issue as much.

Tip to new Mastonians: Change your profile picture, write a few words about you AND post a couple of toots BEFORE you start following people!

Otherwise, people you'd follow would only see an empty account and would have no reason to follow back... :/

#GoMastodon #Fediverse #DecentralizeAll #ScuttlebuttsForTheMassesIsMaybeTheNextStep :)

Potentially stupid question: Has anyone looked at whether retpoline can be abused for JOP payloads?

Dang, can't transfer data fast enough to be useful right now, gonna have to try again tonight

Reminder: if you need a free email provider for .onion domains, feel free to use my fully-encrypted service:

Create account here:


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So.. I got an email today from System76 about an "open computer" and a link to a page that simply states "it's coming". I have no idea what to make of this, considering their history of marketing things with a focus on freedom and open-ness in the past but only having Nvidia dGPU options as far as I recall.
I'm really hoping it turns out to be something aas cool as iit sounds, might actually buy it in that case.

Reading the SROP paper again. Looks like #HardenedBSD's strong ASLR implementation will make successful SROP attacks _much_ more difficult since we randomize the VDSO. Additionally, opting in to shared library load order randomization will make SROP-based payloads less effective. It's going to be really difficult to find a sigreturn gadget on HardenedBSD.

We still need a proper SROP mitigation, which can be achieved by signal cookies stored and verified in the kernel.

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Anyone have an apartment available in Berlin? I'm looking for something below 800eur/mo warm. Small is fine, but it would need to have no roommates and be long-term (min 3 years for a sublet).

I prefer North/East parts of the city, close to or even inside the Ringbahn. I work in Prenzlauer Berg and like to go out along the U8 so easy access to either would be fantastic.

My youngest cat has figured out how to hack the cat feeder I built by shorting a few gpio pins with his paw. Guess I shouldn't have left the Pi exposed....

Neat, only now sitting down for breakfast and I only walked about 6 miles to do so. Next stop is either a massage or a museum, and a mmassage after that.

I can't wait to get back to hacking, but it's gonna be hard for me to do until after giving my talk on Sunday

Read this. This article pretty summarizes what I see every day. And when I criticize it, half of the audience doesn't understand my point. They are simply to young and grew up with smart phones and fast lines.

"Software disenchantment": via

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