Though I'm hoping that for him it's just a nice upgrade over the PC he's currently stuck using.

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Just bought myself and a friend a brix-like PC with AMD hardware, so maybe I'll start doing some PC gaming again on THAT box, while all the actually powerful boxes are reserved for server/dev work.

I wonder if Titan AE's on this thing since the mouse bought just about everything

Also, now I want to call systemd the gisnep of floss systems

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TIL I have disney+, so I guess I'm going to catch up on some gisnep/pixar movies I haven't seen yet like "soul"

Online discourse -- 

While it seems most common with random people, it's disturbing how many people either can't or won't take principled stances anymore. Like "murder is wrong" or "stealing is wrong". I see people making tortured analogies to rationalize why it's okay this time, but not the other.

If your stances are so flexible, can you really say you stand for anything other than making yourself feel better?

I'm really enjoying Nier: Replicant, but the hitboxes are crazy. I feel spoiled by so much Soulsbourne gaming, now it's tricky judging just how long I can attack something before it's impossible to dodge/block. It's a fun game and interesting world, but holy crap the combat's taking forever to adjust to.

However, on the way back to HQ, I listened to Encephalon's "The Transhuman Condition" and it was a hecking bop as always, complete with frission, so that was awesome

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I just saw the new Matrix movie and I'm not entirely sure what to think of it. It was a fun movie for sure, but while I don't think I'll be able to get the feeling back of the first time seeing "the Matrix", I still feel like something's just kind of off and I'm not sure what.

Apartments really need to be designed with good airflow in the kitchen. I can't run the self-clean cycle on my oven or properly season my cast iron without filling the apartment with smoke, and there's no good way to purge it.
So I end up opening lots of windows and running bathroom vents to hopefully prevent it from hanging around for very long.

I need to re-watch Iron Sky, because I remember the hilarious premise, but it's been too long to remember the actual plot

FC6 Notes 

While I'm waiting for laundry to finish, I think it's worth writing a few notes on FC6:
Firstly fuck Ubisoft, no intentions on buying new games from them anytime soon.
Secondly, I think it was a bit weird and shoehorned to make Paolo trans. It comes up like three times and has no real impact on the story. He's a good character, it's just oddly focused on.
The game was a lot of fun, but with way too many side-quests. Giancarlo Esposito makes a brilliant villain and he's fantastic here

Also recently started playing Disgaea 6 on my switch, it's really interesting seeing them remove some of the differences between monster and human classes.

Really looking forward to going to costco to get some beer/liquor and a $10 pizza for the rest of today. Then I guess depending on how I feel, I'll hook up my PS5, but I also just started installing Nier: Replicant on my PS4, so I might put that off for a while.

Merry Christmas all! I hope you {had,have,will have} a joyful holiday however you choose to spend it!

How is it only still Tuesday? Stupid time better start rolling faster for a bit. I need some time off again

Today I discovered something nightmarish and new with the JS ecosystem!

For some ridiculous reason (probably the same reason as people defending use of MD5 and SHA-1) builds have been verified against MD4 digests.

So glad I only have to regularly deal with different insanity.

Episode 39: The TinyNES (An Open Hardware "Tiny Nostalgia Evocation Square")

WHAT'S THIS?! An open hardware NES, but using the original chips?!? And it's running a crowdfunding campaign!

OMG! We interview Dan Gilbert all about it!

Welp, just got nerd-sniped on Reddit doing some code review of a bash snippet that apparently wound up on Stephen Colbert's show. Not sure if it's his new show or old show, but the snippet was not particularly good, that's for heckin' sure.

It's interesting seeing a hack I wrote into a makefile to work around naming requirements simply get commented out and replaced with a previous target's recipe.

So now I'm having to re-enable the hack so the delivery names are correct.

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