If we were to close #vBSDCon with a charity auction, what charity should we support?

I'm biased towards small, local charities. The big folks have lots of folks sending them dough.


Looks like I didn't order the nice new dGPU like I thought, but fortunately an R9 290x is plenty powerful for everything I want to do in the near future, so I can wait for newer Navi/Polaris cards to become available before upgrading that part. Gonna be so nice to have a desktop again.
I love my Precision, but a single drive with periodic backups just makes me generally anxious about my data.

Now I just hope I don't have any lemons coming in the mail so I can actually have a reliable and/or home server, though due to the GPU I'll probably need to run Void-musl or some other non-GNU Linux as well, but that shouldn't be a serious hurdle for long.
May even get some time to try out , sounds like they've been making some great progress

It's not the TR2 behemoth I was wanting to get, but I should be able to put together a nice Ryzen2 desktop over the weekend.
Also got myself a New Nintendo 3DSXL that I plan to flash CFW on so I can do some nice retro gaming on some more modern systems than are feasible on my Pandora. Should be a good holdover until the Pyra is available

Well, it's not showing on the mail archives, but I sent out the notice/request for broader testing on dfbeadm to the dragonfly users@. So, it's probably just that the archives aren't updated live, but I'm still kinda nervous, this being my first significant project.

I'm not super fond of git at the moment, but I got the separate branch set up, so now I just need to draft up the email notification.
For anyone interested, the branch is located here: github.com/newnix/dfbeadm/tree

It's nowhere near done, but it should be good enough to be useful for anyone on with filesystems.

OK, think I've got everything ready for public testing of dfbeadm, now I just need to set up a tag and/or branch to provide a static repo.

Shouldn't be difficult, just a bit trickier given the fossil->git pipeline I have.

Folks I don't know how many of you know Greg @G_Dog1985 he has been a essential part of LR since the beginning and is still the person who does all the maintenance to the server to keep us updated and secure.

He has unfortunately fell on some difficult times. He has had cancer for sometime and his grandpa is also ill and cannot work leaving it all on the shoulders of his mother to support the house. If you have any pocket change to share here is a good cause


Struggling with resume writing. It truly has set me behind. Desperately looking for work even if it is fast food. BTW I did at-least get child & spousal support for the meantime.

Anyone free to assist in a proper resume? As my writing skills are below what is needed.

Lots of vBSDCon registrations today. Last day of early bird for $100.

Still time to get in.


LR Status

LR will have a planned outage Friday to kick over to the new UPS.

Thanks for you all that help purchase the new UPS!

Ideally, such an installation method should be listed as "willing to be part of a botnet", or maybe "will mine crypto for warez"

On security:
If you advertise your tool/project as being "secure" or in any way focused on security, but your documentation on how to install it includes `curl | $SHELL` without huge warnings about how terrible it is, I can't take any of your other claims seriously.
I'll just assume you're using something on the order of double ROT-13 for encryption.

Unrelated, finally updating the README for dfbeadm. Just outlining the process that should be visible from using the -D flag (runtime "debugging"). But it should also help in writing up everything necessary for a post to the mailing lists.

Ugh, figuring out my PTO balance is way harder than it really should be.

I'm pretty sure I have the availability to go to vBSDcon without issue, but I need to double check before I can actually make travel plans.

The vBSDCon 2019 conference is Sept 5-7 in Reston VA.

The schedule has been added to the website: vbsdcon.com/schedule/

The Early Bird registration of $100 closes on Aug 15 (Thursday this week).


See you there.

So today I was asked to be a reference by someone at my old job. New experience for me, hope things turn out well for him, he definitely has the aptitude to be doing cool stuff.
Also hopefully won't be stuck with tons of calls answering the same questions, that sucks.

Ok think I'm nearly ready to write-up a post on the funcitonality and limitations of . Just did some cleaning up and added some assertions that are absolutely redundant, but should print out assertfails pretty clearly if something goes wrong enough.
Should look at pruning a couple code paths to ensure that environment testing doesn't happen if you hit a NOTIMP() macro, but that may not be terribly important at this time, since it just falls through the argument parsing and exits

Not sure if I should request public testing of dfbeadm from users tonight or if I should inject some assertions and informational "not yet implemented" messages.
Probably going to make it more talkative to be on the safe side, but I'm (probably) irrationally excited about a beta release of a tool I've been writing on my lunch breaks.

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