Today at work I wound up writing a small C program to verify if a file is too big to be mailed. Now just waiting to see if integration into the scanner script is working fine

For something called a "Super Blood Wolf Moon" it was a bit disappointing in my neighborhood sky. Still cool to see, but I've seen harvest supermoons that dominated the sky, and this just didn't.

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Okay, I may be crazy but what I'm trying to do is this:
mx linux 18 xfce with i3 as the window manager. lots of ways to get it done on debian but no luck on mx. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I opened up my TALOS boxes, and I have no idea how I'm supposed to assemble this, but fortunately they provided a DVD with a video, so hopefully that answers some questions. They also provided pgp signed firmware in case I need to re-flash, pretty awesome company

Last day for @bsdcan submissions!

Looking through the proposals and, while there's lots of good stuff--we need more. Your "boring" project is probably pretty cool, to people who haven't had to spend the last year working on it.

SUBMIT! :flan_batter:

The 10 year challenge:

2009: Registration fee: $195
2019: Registration fee: $195

This is only possible because of fantastic sponsorship. Thank you

Hmmm.... while I haven't really done any work on it since my home workstation decided it didn't like me anymore, I might actually have worked on some side projects that will provide better insight into how to proceed on dfbeadm...

Also also: If you're one of those people that listens to audio at your computer or similar system, maybe check these out. It's a lot if you're used to cheap headphones, but they should be one of the best experiences available from what I've been reading:

I'm also hoping that I'll get a nice tax refund, so maybe I'll file my taxes this weekend and get a leg up on some of these system improvements I have planned.
It's been too damn long since I've had a workstation at home.
...and maybe I'll submit a talk for , if I can ensure ready access to a backup of my laptop data, I just might be able to flesh out my not so great talk into something better

Also, if I can settle for a 19xx TR system instead of a TR system, it drops the price of completing the build significantly, and means I can watercool that side while also getting a Vega64 instead of a lesser GPU.
So, on both sides I'm starting with something less powerful than i was hoping for, but it'll definitely give me more flexibility moving forward, just with the caveat that I'll have to make time to tear apart and rebuild it for upgrades.

While it looks like it'll make installing the AMD64 side more difficult than is strictly necessary, I think I'm going to try to get my TALOS II Lite installed this weekend.
Hopefully won't need to go get a screwdriver/bit, but I guess we'll see

Looks like Monoprice's Monolith planar magnetic headphones are getting some pretty amazing reviews and are way more affordable than most other options, so I'm gonna give them a test spin.
Maybe some day after finishing my AMD64 build, I'll look at getting some Stax electrostatic "headspeakers" too, since they're really not terribly expensive, just not practical for use with my phone/iPod

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Well this is fun. Most of the cool jobs around me seem to require clearances, but also don't want to sponsor obtaining one. Apparently, I can't simply apply for a clearance either, so it's a fun catch 22 for getting into these fun places that per the headhunters **are already having issues finding "eligible" candidates**

Anyone happen to know if there's a Ryzen board available with DIMM.2 options? Might take a wwhile to get a TR2 build put together, but if I can get an R7 build with similar options, could make getting this dual-system rig up and running faster

Welp, it's still a long way from finished, but at least now should have a consistent terminal-ish look and feel. There's so many different HTML and CSS options to read through.

I think I will remember exactly the way i built my first 100% Linux PC for the rest of my life.

comment below of your first PC you ever built

As easy as it is to find job listings now, I'm still exhausted from going through and having to determine what they even want people to do.
I'm pretty sure I don't have half the qualifications some of these jobs are asking for, but I can't tell because they're apparently doing defensive OSINT like it's going out of style.
"We want to hire a sysadmin/netadmin that may or may not need to work with Linux or Windows or maybe Cisco, it's important that you maybe know about BGP and Powerpoint"

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