Does anyone dual boot linux with openbsd? Interested in how you configure your grub...

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Wow, this AT&T router is even worse than I remember. Shame I have to spend money on more important things than getting a better AP.
Going to have to look at ways to hook up my SRX instead, that'd be almost as awesome as getting a , , or router running.

So it turns out rye bourbon is sweeter than regular bourbon. I also like rye bourbon now

One can use #Tor to gain IPv6 connectivity, even on hosts configured only for IPv4.

The assembly code differences between position-independent code that hasn't been hardened by #llvm 8.0.0's new Speculative Load Hardening (SpectreV1) feature and code that has:


Looks like I was a bit too slow to get an Xperia XA2 Ultra as my secondary phone, but the Xperia 10 isn't much more expensive. Kinda loving it, really hope it gets added to Sony's "Open Device" program, but I'd be OK if it wasn't. Way less invasive than touchwiz.

So hopefully I can find a decent ROM to put on my Note 9, since that hardware's much nicer than this admittedly pretty awesome mid-range phone.

And maybe I'll find a way to no longer need either before too much longer.

Include/Library paths are frustrating on MacOS... but at least it integrates into the AD/LDAP system easily and actually has a useful CLI environment. Just need to use a few more environmental variables to avoid typing out absurd paths.

This data is not really written to be parsed easily after it's been exported as XML.real/y going to take some effort to organize inte structs and database tables

Alright, got the XML file parsed in a useful manner, now I just need to get the data organized properly to be converted into structs and/or SQL. It needs to become SQL eventually, but the structs intermediary representation is optional.

Stupid thing took about an hour or so to return to regular "media" audio

It's really fun havig a phone that switches to "in-call-audio" when it knows I'm not making a call and also reboots if I try to open the front camera.

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Document walking with libxml2 feels like it's more frustrating than it really should be. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I would've expected a bit more info from just scanning `doc->children->name`.

The docs for libxml2 are not laid out in a way that make it easy for me to navigate, but it's good enough that I've been able to get it working reliably fairly quickly. Now I just need to explore the in-memory tree to find the data I actually care about.

If you're an avid open-source user who would love to help advance a project, there's a lot you can contribute whether you can program or not:

Provide constructive feedback, file bug reports, improve the documentation or help out maintaining the web & social media presence. Spread the word and recommend the projects you love to others (btw, I run Arch 😂)

Say "thank you" and tell developers to "keep up the great work". That form of contribution means a lot more than you could possibly imagine.

Heads up: In #HardenedBSD Ports, we now perform sanity checks in the `check-plist` make target. More details can be found in this commit:

#FreeBSD #infosec

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