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Also, make it not list contents recursively by default. That's just annoying.

Oh fsck yeah! Just got nxls to start printing stat struct info for a directory! This time it's actually portable, using nftw(3) instead of fts(3).

Now I just need to get the output looking better, and look at human friendly unit conversions.

So happy that I'm mostly done organizing the hosts imported from Nagios. Might actually get to do something fun today, like work out outage conditions or writing up documentation on how to navigate and use the various , , and installs replacing .
Hopefully I'll even get some time to write some more code or at least read some of the articles I've been saving up.

My work basically tripled or quadrupled because of Windows 10 issues and being only one IT guy physically present. I have no IT colleague to talk with in person anymore. 50% of the Windows 10 issues aren't actual issues, it's just W10's shit design, but of course users blame me for Microsoft being gay

Wow, I'm slightly less out of shape than I thought. At least according to my fitbit, I jogged about 5 miles in an hour and didn't start gasping for air like I was dying.

Also, endgame of Horizon: Zero Dawn is pretty amazing

Oh my! Alan and Benedict mentioned my #FreeBSD #Ports workshops on #BSDNow!

How cool is that?

Here's a link:

I'm really not enjoying trying to work with `nftw(3)` right now

One thing I have had a pretty strong interest in for a while is making various things with electronics. I just read a couple articles about people finding a small but unique niche of handmade products and doing pretty well. Not mega business well but well enough to be sustainable as a small or even one man operation.

It has wondering if there might be some small niche I could find and do something I'm interested in to put food on the table.

This Saturday 2018-02-24 20:00 UTC the rockets will go faster, the bodies will pile up higher. We will be shedding frags in #Quake1 - make room in your calendars & come join us on (#openbsd-gaming @ freenode for coordination).

ATTENTION, Public Service Announcement: Do not upgrade your npm. Do not upgrade to 5.7.0, released yesterday.

It changes file permissions of /etc, /boot, /user, … when run with sudo. Avoid, duck, cover, whimper.

So, anyone have recommendations for a postgresql performance monitor? Apparently that's not something our DBA's have had time to look into, so it'd be nice to have some utilities to look at while I'm setting up some smaller databases.

I have no idea what the culprit was, but after tweaking a few polling settings, it looks like Zabbix is working as expected again. Turns out the major issue with bandwidth calculations was due to the checks not happening every 30s. Since I don't currently know how to ensure the equation (last(if.bits) - previous(if.bits))/time is always used, regardless of interval, it started reporting 3.6Mbps links operating at ~90Mbps at times. That was fun.

@aag "...nothing works right the first time..."

Running Linux for a decade would not have changed that. It just would have altered your perception filters on how things are supposed to be.

In the wrong direction.

Had to set up a system to write text in Hebrew, Greek, Latin German and Hieroglyphs. In the mid 90s that meant LaTeX and FreeBSD because Linux crashed every other day. About the same time i used SunOS 4 at university. Later OpenBSD, when pf(4) appeared.

In the continuing efforts to configure zabbix properly, it looks like something's preventing the SNMP checks from being executed every 30s as configured, this screws with my formulae to calculate bandwidth, so that's gotta be fixed... somehow. Probably need to change the up/down calculations to take an average over 3+ checks instead of just calculating the rate as each new check comes in.

That's the reason why I have a classic TLD for important services and not some hipster TLD ...

(via @mherrb)

Reasons to like Aphex Twin:

1. His music
2. His music is more than that it is also science (He hides pictures within certain songs. Characterized as high pitched sounds).