I'm not sure if it's just a WSL idiosyncracy, but it's been frustrating just trying to get nombre(1) to build properly on Alpine and Ubuntu. I don't remember having these sorts of issues when I was using Void-musl though, so maybe it's just different soups?

I have really meant to do more work on nombre, but employment changes and moving take up so much time. So hopefully I'll get back to it tomorrow or this weekend since I still don't have enough stuff for moving to be an onerous multi-person job yet. Just 2 trips in my car and I'm mostly done with the move, just need to come back for any food, cookware, and my furniture in a couple weeks.

Just gonna need to set up my dust filters appropriately so cat fur and dust doesn't end up coating everything.
Will also need to look at some case fan placement options, but that's all secondary compared to actually having a booting system again.

And I've just been able to confirm that my Ryzen system is booting properly before heading back home! Sadly, the POWER9 system wouldn't even POST, possibly due to moisture damage, but at least I'll have the ability to start using my ZFS pool again!

Well fuck Wave/Imagine, MIPS is no longer an open ISA. (Technically kinda old news, but I just found out today)

I guess in the absolute worst case, I'll just end up using rc from Plan9port because it's tiny, simple, fast, and the only thing missing from it is the `!-2$` type stuff, which isn't too hard to work around.

In other interactive shell news, I started looking at ion-shell since the base ksh on MacOS isn't nearly as nice as oksh. It's pretty nice, but I'm not sure how to write functions that accept zero or more arguments with it, so that's frustrating.
oksh from pkgsrc is pretty nice too, but I'll need to spend some time looking at history manipulation options and getting the current bash customizations ported to at least one of these shells.

MacOS has switched to zsh as the default, and now likes to print annoying reminders every time I run bash. Unfortunately, zsh customization seems to be much more difficult to organize without the option to modify /etc/zprofile, so for whatever benefits it may bring, I think I'm just going to use ksh instead. Much easier to get it working the way I want.

So hopefully I'll have enough time to get the nombre utility ready for testing and at least a BETA tag.
Just need to look into functions/triggers for SQLite3

I really wish there was a good programming language

Work BS 

Yesterday I had the most enjoyable interview in my life. Good conversations outside of the actual "sitting at a table" portion, and while I know I was missing some knowledge that would've been helpful, I never felt lost or overwhelmed, just pleasantly challenged. Even the whiteboarding went fairly well.
Unfortunately it sounds like it'll take a couple weeks before I get any info back from them, so now I have that mild anxiety in the back of my head.

One of my interviews recommended running through a CTF to prep, these seem much easier than I expected, which is kinda nice.

I should probably try to find some time to read through the newest edition of "Modern C" in the not too distant future. I've been building everything with -std=c99, but I only recently learned about some cool things like the `int_fast8_t` types. I'm not really interested in VLA's, since they can usually be emulated well enough with calloc(3), but I'm sure I'm missing some more info that would be good to know.

Job Stuff 

Job Hunting 

This sort of thing may be covered in some books I haven't finished going through yet, but it seems so simple now.

I'm a bit amazed that it took me this long to figure out how to use __VA_ARGS__ in my macros, now it's way easier to have quick logging-style printouts. Really not the most important thing to know, but it saves a lot of typing.

On the same note, if there's a resource you wish you'd had some info on earlier or still feel is missing, I might be able to find some time to write up an entry for exile.digital/projects/intro/i, since I recently taught someone how to understand hex and convert to ASCII, I'm really looking for some good/helpful information resources that people are lacking.

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