Can anybody think of a single instance where it's appropriate to ask an employee if they're willing to decline benefits/protections offered by the employer in order to achieve revenue goals or preserve a customer relationship? I can't. That seems wildly inappropriate to me.

I'm guessing over the next couple of years the "you've always given me money" sales pitch isn't gonna cut it.

I don't perceive any risk that the Ethereum merge causes severe technical problems. It's basically a feature flag that flips automatically and all the components are already deployed and have been running. I have zero ETH. Just analysis from a casual outside observer.

The Fed went too far in March 2020 and the months after. Their policies created huge advantages for the largest corporations in the US. Now they'll try to undo the damage and it will send us into recession. Thankfully, Walmart's debt is in great shape. So worth it, right?

"Jim, shut 'er down. The software nerds got onto the factory floor again."

I didn't touch anything. 😇

When in Europe, I was trying to browse "mutual friends" on Facebook. Couldn't find a "friends" list for any of my contacts. Now I'm back in the US and now I can browse friends of friends. Interesting. Is this due to some European policy?

On my new ThinkPad X1 I can:

crc start -c 6 -m 24576 -d 100
(local OpenShift cluster with 6 virtual cores, 24G of memory, and 100G disk)

Plenty left for browser and IDE. Plus it's light as a feather, and the battery isn't shot. This changes everything. Red Hat hardware

As an avid watcher of '90 Day Fiance', I should have known you can't just go work full-time for weeks/months in another country. Mostly disappointed in myself getting my hopes up. Oh well, life goes on. See you stateside next week. 😑

A very high level review of my experience with Mastodon/Fediverse after preemptive flight from the Musk Twitter takeover:
I hope to dedicate more posts to the individual UX issues.

Trying to shift my focus away from centralized platforms and over to the . My impression so far is that "discovery" needs a lot of work here on Mastodon, especially on mobile.

Seems to me that there could be a lot of potential in the Fediverse content discovery space, perhaps even an industry focused on just that.

For now, stepping inside this world, it's quiet at first. There's a certain charm to it, like you're out in nature, away from the crowd.


Linux geeks doing what Linux geeks do...