Soldering iron and Cherry MX brown switches ordered. That defective T switch won't know what happened to it.

Andreas boosted talks about being a privacy respecting e-mail provider, yet they use malware like Google reCAPTCHA. :/

I should go to bed soon.

Also, re-installed my computer after a kernel update to fedora borked my installation (nvidia drivers), so I installed Ubuntu instead.

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@omnipotens some time ago I kind of offered to be the caretaker of peertube. You never got back to me. Does that mean you found one?

Has anyone seen the HBO series Chernobyl?

Is it any good?

wants to focus on their Office 365 platform. A little difficult to stay away from, since work requires me to use that piece of shit. Opening a module in Teams creates an error with a very well stated error:

@hund do you have any idea as to where to buy nordic pbt keycaps with print?

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