Signs I should have stayed home today: I woke up an hour late, my PSU broke.
I come to work, and the internet doesn't work.

Trying to patch a cable, via a middle rack is difficult when its spanning 3 stories, and the labeling is wrong.

The only downside to using on a daily basis, is when you sometimes need to boot in to on your computers.

That is the source of great frustration.

Definition of "need": Running applications not working in Linux, ie. games.

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I deleted my Facebook-account years ago, but my latest job (not tech related) uses Facebook for communication.

I created a new account, I have no photos of me there and I share nothing, no posts or anything.

A few days ago they suspended my account for no reason at all and required me to upload an ID of me. I ended up creating a new account days later.

Even though I have nothing of value there I have never felt so powerless. It made me appreciate the ethical fediverse even more.

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#Keybase just came out as a crypto-currency marketing scheme. Moreover, they're trying to spin the fact that they actively hid that their funding was coming from a crypto "non-profit" as a positive, _somehow._

I know they're popular on the fediverse as an identity verification service. If you're using it for that purpose, I urge you to reconsider in light of this.

Pulling old Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.2Ghz (800mhz FSB) out of old computers takes me back.

Back to the days where I couldn't afford that chip and opted for AMD.

Ironically I run a. 8th gen i7 these days.

It's ironic that they just released the new android 10, which is supposed to be more private.

Botched my phone, by flashing MicroG. What can I learn from that?

Probably nothing in the end. But, hey! At least it's freshly reflashed with lineage.

I hope the world leaders soon understand that climate change is needed.

Let's start with America?

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LinuxRocks is currently running on a double disk failure and will be limping along till the 29th when I will be replacing the server. Will be shutting down LR in just a few minutes to get a latest backup for VM to make restoring easier.

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