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Getting very strong hints that the Fairphone 3 will be unveiled on Tuesday 27th August 📱

You can follow Fairphone on their official Fediverse account:


...and on their community account:


Fairphone manufacture smartphones using as ethical methods and materials as possible, all the way through the supply chain.

#Fairphone #Fairphone3 #Fairtrade

Botched my phone, by flashing MicroG. What can I learn from that?

Probably nothing in the end. But, hey! At least it's freshly reflashed with lineage.

I hope the world leaders soon understand that climate change is needed.

Let's start with America?

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LinuxRocks is currently running on a double disk failure and will be limping along till the 29th when I will be replacing the server. Will be shutting down LR in just a few minutes to get a latest backup for VM to make restoring easier.

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Australia truly is a police state. Using the police to go after people that uncover crimes is not healthy in so-called democracies.

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Every bit of data that touches your Google account (including your private data on Gmail and Docs) is freely available to Google and those they work with for them to use, host, store, reproduce, modify and to create derivative works with.

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Thank you Intel for the backdoor called Intel Management Engine. Glad the customer has to do this so you can have some proprietary witchcraft autonomous CPU embedded in the CPU.

I just reported Microsoft to all danish members of the European parliament... And Magrethe Vestager.

Why? They ignore the and does not abide to article 17 and 20.

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