One shimmers like an insect carapace; the other is… fluffy.

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It’s not all that silly. Just. Soft and flexible and entirely meaningless.

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Silly putty is making me smile
I’ve never had any before


@OpenComputeDesign Maybe life’s easier when you forgive instead of persisting in opposition/conflict? Maybe you are finding it hard to take your own side? Mind you, I’m saying that as someone who usually wants to forgive and believes it to be a Good Thing. But sometimes it needs to be a two-way street and the forgiveness that you are ready to give (beyond recognising others’ human weaknesses) should also be sought by the other side, along with betterment. /no expert, barely thinker, sry

### Booklog: Remembrance of Earth’s Past, by Liu Cixin
Why kill yourself because the laws of physics aren’t their usual invariant self at a high-energy-particle-colliding sort of level? Isn’t that… too interesting to throw your life away over?

@oli Is there a trick to enabling this in your brain?
Is it like having imaginary friends, which I never managed to do?

@lashman What is your relation to these games? Musician?

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@lashman "Blink And The Vacuum of Space Got A Store Page" would’ve been a good title too

### Booklog: Remembrance of Earth’s Past, by Liu Cixin (as Cixin Liu)
Heard and read a lot about this trilogy. So far it’s been 1966 China and the cruel lawnmower idealism of political religions that decide categorically which people and ideas deserve to exist and which must be shamed and broken and exterminated…

What a great find! @ChrisWere ( — a Mastodon client for simpler browsers… and older computers)

I want to shop locally and all that but I also don’t want to go outside in the heat and peopliness or ever really deal with messy squishy smooshable food things that take work to make edible, yuck

Good morning, federated megafauna

“Ichorous tentacles constrict”… “Intricate, macabre music playing”… Stranger Things audio description subtitles are quite literate

@oli Oh, I still have the rest of Stranger Things 4 to watch

@oli It wasn’t mindblowing or anything but it was okay and had David Tennant in it

@oli Even with Wikipedia I can’t figure out what it was I watched

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