What do you call a moon of a moon? We could use note values.

Quaver = planet
Semiquaver = moon
Demisemiquaver = moon of moon
Hemidemisemiquaver = moon of moon of moon…

And then also bubble up from quaver to…

Crotchet = barycentre with sibling planets, if any
Minim = parent star
Semibreve = star’s barycentre with sibling stars, if any
Breve = centre of galaxy
Longa = galaxy’s parent galaxy, if any

It wouldn’t get confusing at all

@anjune I know this was partly a joke, I am pretty sure that none of the moons in our solar system could have naturally orbiting sub-moons.

The tidal forces would simply be too strong. WE have some man-made satellites that orbit moons although they need to have thrust to stay in orbit.


@archie2870 I was watching a video about it that had some science words in it

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@anjune @archie2870 Thanks for the link. That was AWESOME to watch. Loved every second of it. :-D

@ozoned @archie2870 I really like the channel. My discovery of the week! So far.

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