Somehow can’t let go of Vader literally meaning “Walker”. But fallen — not “Sky” anymore.

@anjune I thought Vader was "Father" in several Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Languages. 🤔

@syscrash Dutch (Vader), Low German (Vader, Vadder), Standard German (Vater)… but given the English pronunciation I always just took it to be a mangled “Invader” (and thus “Walker” — an invader is one who “walks into (intrudes)”)


@syscrash PS: I don’t believe for a second that any of that was intentional on Lucas’ part

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@anjune google thinks it means father or dad. Not saying we should blindly trust anything google says, but... 🤷‍♂️

@anjune Darth Sidious and insidious. It is almost like he just dropped the "in" from them ro get cool sounding names.🤔

@syscrash My mind never went to Dutch or Low German, though, as it’s clearly English, like a prefix-less “invader” (much like “Sidious” and “insidious”, for that matter)

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