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I am talking about MIDI on Linux this week as well as a visit to space in Elite: Dangerous

And then I massaged the code for the Austrospeed compiler, but it was too late to bother redoing the video. Suppose I could replace some of it with the newly sped-up bits but who cares

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Kinda the last real Thing I Did was a look back at Commodore BASIC 3.5 on the plus/4 -- 'twas a fun thing for kid-me.

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folks I have a plan. I need film equipment, some porn actors / volunteers, and two experienced football commentators. this is gonna be great, trust me

Did the Vectrex not have the oomph for more 3D games? Wireframe vector graphics are kind of wasted on 2D...


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..