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“Ichorous tentacles constrict”… “Intricate, macabre music playing”… Stranger Things audio description subtitles are quite literate

### Booklog: Remembrance of Earth’s Past, by Liu Cixin (as Cixin Liu)
Heard and read a lot about this trilogy. So far it’s been 1966 China and the idealistic cruelty of mind warriors with political religions that decide categorically which people, thoughts, and even laws of physics deserve to exist and which must be broken or exterminated…

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Check it aaaooout! Amiga OS 3.9 (visual upgrades over the standard 3.x look courtesy of VisualPrefs, MUI, Reaction, third party icons…)


anyone like some dirty/rough electronic music

…work in progress…

tell me I’m not hopeless

How is it that kooks can be identified by their bizarre capitalisation?

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What is your favorite game that runs in a terminal window?

nethack, cdda, robots, moon-buggy, etc etc.

#games #terminal

### Booklog: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, by Joanne Greenberg (as Hannah Green)
She got up in the very doomed, dramatic way she had and left them, and Lactamaeon, second in command of Yr, whispered, “If one is to be doomed, one must be beautiful, or the drama is only a comedy. And therefore, Unbeautiful…”
“Kill me, my lord, in the form of an eagle,” Deborah said to him in the language of Yr.

warning to tired, exasperated mathematicians 

If divison by zero, instead of being "illegal", were defined as resulting in ∞ (which is still not a number), would that break anything? anything *important*?

What do you call a moon of a moon? We could use note values.

Quaver = planet
Semiquaver = moon
Demisemiquaver = moon of moon
Hemidemisemiquaver = moon of moon of moon…

And then also bubble up from quaver to…

Crotchet = barycentre with sibling planets, if any
Minim = parent star
Semibreve = star’s barycentre with sibling stars, if any
Breve = centre of galaxy
Longa = galaxy’s parent galaxy, if any

It wouldn’t get confusing at all

Do pixel artists (esp. when they’re “painting” instead of drawing sprites or text or UI elements…) use graphics tablets?

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After the year 2000, I believe humanity will break beyond all physical constraints and all logical thought will begin to dissolve. ↯94MAR

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Wishing there were more programming books like this not only for kids but also for adults that channeled the "computers are fun, actually".

Also that 1970s cartoon art that feels like it was hand-rolled (wink).

(From Dr. Wacko's Guide to Creating Arcade Games).

:o why didn’t anyone ever point me at that, given the Skinny Puppy drought…

Pick a gift!

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