Mozilla recommends a bunch of password managers in this blog post and none of them are Open Source. No Bitwarden, no Keepass. Only LastPass, Dashlane and 1password.
Now, while this isn't a big deal, and they're all excellent options, you'd expect that Mozilla would recommend some password managers as well.

@aniket I don't think Mozilla is about either libre anything or privacy, they just utilise open source software because it happens to be very convenient.

They say a lot of things about open, free and privacy in there Manifesto here -

@aniket And Google said to do no evil and the CEO of Microsoft says that privacy is a human right. :)

Haha. I guess you're right. Thing is that I've seen Mozilla promoting an Open Internet and educating people about privacy. I don't know.

@aniket I don't think Mozilla is evil, but they're not good either. I think they have grown into some large corporate company, with people who cares more about profit than free software.

If they really cared about libre software and user freedome, they wouldn't partner with Google, no matter how much Google pay them.

@aniket I seriously wouldn't trust any online password manager. Local way to go for me. I use KeepassXC although I want to move my whole db to terminal based manager.

I totally understand that. You can self-host Bitwarden btw, if that's your thing.

@aniket Honestly, knowing Mozilla for what they do on the marketing side and not for their expexted values I’m not really surprised by this one.
@aniket they were relatively quick at adopting web drm (EME) btw
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