I'm new to the concept of Mastodon and instances, so here's the thing -

If there are multiple instances you want to engage in, do you create accounts on each of them or do you just follow people from other instances? Or does it just depend on how much you want to engage?

@aniket I'm a long way from being a Mastodon expert but I'd say try and go with a single account and follow people from other instances. I've fallen in to the trap of having a presence on more than one instance and it becomes hard to focus on multiple accounts!

Thanks for replying. That's pretty much why I asked. I created accounts on a bunch of them. Might be a good idea to delete accounts from some instances and have a more streamlined experience.

@aniket It depends on what instance(s) you're on and what you want out from it. This is a Linux-y instance, but they allow everything (within reason) as long as you have manners and behave respectfully. :) Some might just prefer having different pseudonyms for various reasons, perhaps you want to discuss politics under a different under a more anonymous pseudonym.

There's also some web services and clients that allow you to peak into other instances timelines. Mastalab for Android supports it.

Yeah. Having different accounts for different 'identities' makes sense.

I ended up joining instances which are kind of closely related to each other. Like Fosstodon, LinuxRocks.Online and

@aniket @hund I still think that in an ideal world a single identity is better for a lot of people - see the work @manton is doing with regard to this - - facilitating a unified identity that you own, of the type, where you're not dependant on the continued existence of a particular instance.

@aniket @hund But saying that, I'm still not *fully* committed to that path yet in that I'm still maintaining my separate Mastodon ID at ...

I see. Well, someday. The decision is difficult. And my habit of overanalyzing things doesn't help. At this point I'll probably just wait and see which community feels better to me in terms of content, engagement and how everyone treats each other.


@aniket That's fair enough - it's still fairly early days for Mastodon and definitely very early days for the integration @manton is trying. Who knows what final direction everything will take!! @hund

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