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I've been thinking of buying a used OnePlus One to run UB Ports' Ubuntu Touch on it. Anyone has any experience running UT on that device? If so, how's the experience been?

I've always been an LTS Ubuntu guy. However, as Canonical seems to be getting cozier and cozier with Microsoft, I've decided to move two of my laptops away from Xubuntu: one's running Manjaro Xfce; the other, MX Linux 19. So far the experience's been great on both distros. We'll see where this takes...

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My stay in shape scheme is very simple: step one, constantly lift heavy desktop computers off shelves for mantainence and tinkering. Step two, get so involved in said tinkering that I forget to eat.

@Katsudon @Ghosty I finally got the Moto G7. Played with it for a week to check that all the hardware worked properly. Then I nuked Android and replaced it with Lineage. The Lineage 16.0 build for this device didn't play well with OpenGApps. I had to reflash the device and I got it working with MindTheGapps. Totally worth it. Best mobile experience I've had. Thanks guys, once more, for suggesting good devices and being so helpful.

Thanks for suggesting the Linksys WRT line, @Ghosty! Got this little used WRT AC1200 for 50 bucks, replaced the stock firmware with OpenWrt and it's been awesome! I love this instance and the people who make it great! 💪🏻👍🏻

So I've been playing around with OpenWrt on my EdgeRouter X and it's been great. So great that I've been thinking about getting a good budget router with wireless support, putting OpenWrt on it, turning my ISP's router into a bridge to the outside Internet and just letting this new router handle everything on my home network. Any suggestions on any good budget routers to do this? My budget is 150 USD at max.

With all this talk about PIA being sold to a non-privacy respecting company, has anyone used Mullvad or ProtonVPN? If so, how has your experience been?

Been playing around with some hardware I have at home. First, I replaced EdgeOS with OpenWrt on my home office EdgeRouter X. It's worked like a charm. Then, I took a Raspberry Pi 3B, put a 64GB USB drive on it as external storage and installed Syncthing. As Syncthing doesn't support either client-side or server-side encryption natively, I'm just using CryFS to encrypt all data on my Linux boxes before it's syncrhonized to the Pi. Thanks to all the people who make using these projects possible.

Just had a power failure when wiping the disk data on my Dell laptop with secure erase (via BIOS). Now the laptop won't even start and just sits there as though it were dead. Bad luck.

Any suggestions on a good cheap phone (no more than $150 USD) for running Lineage OS?

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Sysadmins: "It's secure because it's in a container"


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Nifty free software news: the imaging software used by the Event Horizon Telescope, which was able to record the first
picture of a black hole, is licensed under the GPLv3! #blackhole #copyleft
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The first image EVER of a black hole.
About 6.5 billion times more massive than the sun, 40 billion km wide. We believe it is one of the largest that could exist.
What a great time to be alive !

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Finally had the time to upgrade my main phone to Lineage 16 and I gotta say... It's awesome.

I hardly listen to JB anymore, but it bothers me when they talk about the death of Bitcoin or the death of crypto. It reminds me of the huge difference I think there is between living in the first world and living here in the underdeveloped/third world --or whatever PC term you want to use. I think they don't know what it is like to go through hyperinflation, to watch your savings go to naught or to live under a dictatorial regime that uses currency as a form of control. I hope they never do.

Any suggestions on good Google Sync clients for Linux? And please don't tell me, "Don't use Google." 😂 Personally, I use Nextcloud and Seafile. It's for one of my clients.

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Don’t worry about 0days when you still haven’t patched your 0l’days.


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