I uploaded my scripts folder to GitHub github.com/AN3223/scripts

Most of these are scripts I've already shared through gists, but now they're all in one place.


One script I hadn't shared yet is github.com/AN3223/scripts/blob which is the blurlock script from Manjaro i3 edition + some changes so it can work on both and

@an3223 Have you tried taking a scrot (Or the wayland equivalent) then blurring with ffmpeg? In my experience it's faster than imagemagick.
Here's what I use

scrot "/tmp/lock.png"
ffmpeg -y -i /tmp/lock.png \
-filter_complex "boxblur=15" -vframes 1 \
/tmp/lock_blur.png &>/dev/null

@Gauge I was going to benchmark this, but the difference is night and day. Just added this to the blurlock script, thanks for the tip!

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