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It's pretty amazing that you can develop an app using KDE's libraries in KDE's IDE, have wonderful artists make your project artwork in KDE's painting app and edit a video about it all in KDE's video editor. The number of organizations that could tell the same story can be counted on one hand. The scope of what the #KDE community does is stunning.

I wrote a script to use fzf like an application launcher.

- It keeps a history of recent commands to make rerunning important commands easy. Just select the command hit Tab and then Enter.

- It gives the option of running new commands in a terminal or in the background, and it will remember your choice for future runs.

- The user is in control of how commands are executed. I just pass the commands to swaymsg exec but you can run them with whatever you want.

I just got earlier today to (finally) replace the mobile client. It seems pretty lightweight, I haven't had a crash yet, and the UI is very uncluttered. So it solves pretty much all of my grievances I had with the official app.

If you use Reddit I recommend checking it out

TIL gPodder has a CLI. Added "@hourly gpo update && gpo download" to my crontab so it can fetch new episodes even when the client is closed.

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Reading passwords from accelerometer data? Jesus, that's brilliant

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Reminder that once your project does one thing and does it well,

Stop. Next project.

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@switchingsocial @Minetest if I remember correctly, 0 a.d. and hedgewars were pretty well made!

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Manjaro installs FreeOffice by default 

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LinuxRocks folks LR needs some help.

I need someone who knows about snapshots with qcows. I need to merge them back together. I am thinking that is what is causing out filesystem issues.
Please as this is urgent we need to repair it before the filesystem gets to bad to repair.

By the way I keep getting "500 internal server error" every time I try to upload an image @omnipotens is this a known issue?

I upgraded Manjaro in place into Arch Linux, _seemingly_ without breaking anything

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"take me down to concurrency city where green pretty is grass the girls the and are"

-- a programmer

I have brought life back into my decade old laptop with Void Linux! It is super lightweight, only 3.4gb on disk, and uses ~130mb of RAM after opening Sway (musl btw).

The package selection isn't the best (compromises have been made) but I have enough to do basic web browsing, ssh, and use mpv. Which is all I really expected to do on this.

Wayland-related project shoutout 

Debugging a shell script:

1. Did you try putting quotation marks?
2. Did you try removing quotation marks?

Vim autocomplete for braces/parenthesis/etc 

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