I wrote this as a script because pause=no doesn't seem to work inside of mpv.conf (although --pause=no from the CLI works as expected). I'm not sure if this is a bug or if this is by design.

If anyone knows a way to do this inside of mpv.conf I would love to know. Lua seems overkill here.

Problem: starts in a paused state (i.e. as a result of save-position-on-quit)

Solution: I wrote a small script to always put mpv in an unpaused state on startup github.com/AN3223/dotfiles/blo

Hopefully this is useful to someone.

github.com/mlj/castget is pretty sweet. Just set up your config file, add your podcasts to it, catchup (castget -c), and then add something like `@hourly castget -q` to your crontab.

New podcasts will be downloaded into your directory of choice. No need for a GUI/TUI, just use your file manager. I am very satisfied.

I put my mouse on its side earlier today while watching a movie so the LED light wouldn't distract me. I stopped watching the movie and started doing other things on my PC for ~2 hours (watching videos, messaging, web browsing). I just now reached for my mouse so I could click on a game in Lutris and it fell over because it was still on its side lol.

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@fristi @alcinnz Reasons why i advocate for a javascript-free web:

1. so i can browse the whole web on cli!

Endless Sky is such a great libre game. I started playing it last night for a few hours and now I'm playing it again. I highly recommend it.


I was testing the screenshot functionality of a script I'm tinkering with. I took a screenshot of my desktop w/ my terminals open and all. Opened it in an image viewer, but it was too small to see so I hit the fullscreen shortcut.

The image viewer disappears and I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for it to go fullscreen... only to realize that it's already fullscreen and I've been staring at it the whole time.

Windows has finally been purged from my system. NTFS too.

Why isn't DBUS working?
Why isn't DBUS working?
Why isn't DBUS working?


I didn't enable the service!

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Destination Linux 136 - Raspberry Pi, System76 Firmware Tool, OBS, IBM Open-Source POWER, EVERSPACE

Pi Now Runs Scratch 3
Launches GUI Firmware Updater
Studio 24 Release Candidate Features
Announces New Contributions To Open Source
& Protect Users
2 Coming To

If you wanted to use this with or it would look something like this:

bindsym XF86AudioStop exec listenman -p stop
bindsym XF86AudioPrev exec listenman -p previous
bindsym XF86AudioPlay exec listenman -p play-pause
bindsym XF86AudioNext exec listenman -p next

I made a simple script for pausing/playing/stopping/etc mpv.

It has a CLI similar to playerctl, and with the -p option it will also perform the action with playerctl (i.e. if you want to pause/play/stop all media players, or just have a general purpose pause/play/stop keyboard shortcut).


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It's pretty amazing that you can develop an app using KDE's libraries in KDE's IDE, have wonderful artists make your project artwork in KDE's painting app and edit a video about it all in KDE's video editor. The number of organizations that could tell the same story can be counted on one hand. The scope of what the #KDE community does is stunning.

I wrote a script to use fzf like an application launcher.

- It keeps a history of recent commands to make rerunning important commands easy. Just select the command hit Tab and then Enter.

- It gives the option of running new commands in a terminal or in the background, and it will remember your choice for future runs.

- The user is in control of how commands are executed. I just pass the commands to swaymsg exec but you can run them with whatever you want.


I just got earlier today to (finally) replace the mobile client. It seems pretty lightweight, I haven't had a crash yet, and the UI is very uncluttered. So it solves pretty much all of my grievances I had with the official app.

If you use Reddit I recommend checking it out github.com/QuantumBadger/RedRe

TIL gPodder has a CLI. Added "@hourly gpo update && gpo download" to my crontab so it can fetch new episodes even when the client is closed.

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Reading passwords from accelerometer data? Jesus, that's brilliant

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Reminder that once your project does one thing and does it well,

Stop. Next project.

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