I just tried copying files to a partition that wasn't mounted yet (my fault, should have checked). So they ended up going into the folder that served as the mount point.

I ended up running out of disk space and being utterly confused for about an hour. I couldn't find the problem files because the partition was mounted on top of them after reboot lol.

It took me booting into Mint and running Filelight on that partition to finally understand the issue.

The "starting with a capital letter" bit is what really gets me. That's a serious anti-security feature. Kind of scary to think these people have my credit card info.

AT&T is finally moving away from 4 digit PINs for their prepaid payment system. I thought "great" and got my password generator ready.

Then I got hit with this block of red text. And it wouldn't let me use a 32 character password. Instead of telling me the password is too long it just said "passwords don't match". Great error message.

AT&T still has some catching up to do.

I just stumbled on this:

It's a piano that runs in the terminal and uses the PC speaker. It's on the AUR too. Pretty funny. Plays the Mario level-ending tune if you hit 0.

It needs to be ran as root, which was a little worrying for me, but it looks harmless.

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I would also like to report that KDE Connect seems to work fine with XFCE, along with the Plasma Integration plugin for Firefox.

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My thoughts on KDE after 4 days Show more

I just got an odd captcha. Kind of a weird spot to be looking for a bicycle.

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Help teach machines how real people speak, donate your voice at voice.mozilla.org/. It's fun.

Can anyone recommend a podcast application for Linux?

I've been using Vocal for a while but it doesn't work very well for me with KDE (graphical issues and can't use the media keys).

Finally got Double Commander the way I like it... "Single Commander"

DuckDuckGo bangs you should know about if you use

!archlinux (for searching the forums)

Also I am curious how other people pronounce

I just spell out the letters, but I heard someone on Youtube say that some pronounce it "x-face", is that common?

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I'm really enjoying Android Studio, it only took 1 hour to get an example application to run /s

Error after error after error, what a headache.

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Did you know that the #rust `futures` crate has both a `sync` module *and* a `sink` module?

Hope no one has to discuss those two out loud!

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