i've been getting lots of use out of a locally hosted single-page tiddlywiki for personal organization purposes tiddlywiki.com/

but sometimes i want to jot a note on it when i'm out

yesterday i converted it to "server mode" and stuck it on my tiny cloud box (behind nginx proxy_pass which wraps it in https and a password) so now i can access it from anywhere 🎉

but its default nodejs backend eats 20% of the total ram to do what is essentially webdav 😬

gotta find a replacement for that


@pho4cexa I do this with git. I have a git server, but you could use github/gitlab.
For editing on mobile, I use an iOS app called Quine 2 (paid), and git push/pull with an app called Working Copy (free)

Only issue is that I sometimes forget to git push, so my wiki on other devices isn’t up to date. In that case I just decide not to touch it to be safe. Havent tested merge conflict resolution yet out of fear, but switching to a multi-file wiki should mitigate that problem.

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