Dall-E 2 prompt: “Action movie poster featuring a penguin flying through a broken glass window, with explosions in the background”

Been trying Manjaro lately. Just tried to unzip something, but “unzip” wasn’t installed. Thankfully, zsh offered to install it for me. I type “y” and hit enter… and it decides to download and install 1.3gb worth of updates (243 packages)

Around 5 minutes later, everything is done and I can unzip my file :)

(Although it did say I should restart my computer for the “changes” to take effect)

(Not that the Cuban government would give a shit about American trademarks lol)

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If Ubuntu is a “Linux distribution”, doesn’t that make MacOS a “Darwin distribution”? Or Windows 11 a “Windows NT distribution”? Seems unnecessarily confusing/misleading to me. I have family members from Cuba who were traumatized by a shitty gov’t distro many years ago, and now they hate anything with the Linux name (they love Android tho). They get annoyed if I even suggest they try a Linux computer. Google had the right idea with keeping tight control over the Android trademark IMO.

Also would probably only be effective for large libs that can’t be easily replaced, like Qt

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Realistically, some orgs will find the burden of porting to Linux too high (dev time + customer support). In that case, they can either purchase a commercial license, or go with the GPL option. In the latter case, the world gets more free software, in the former case at least the devs get paid to support development

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Pro: more software for Linux, even from corps that wouldn’t bother porting due to small user base. In the long run, can improve availability of software for linux
Con: ported software will not necessarily be open source, high quality, or well-supported.

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Just had a thought: tri-licensing option for libs. Option 1: GPLv3, Option 2: paid commercial license, and Option 3: Apache-2 with platform clause, which requires licensees to port their software to certain platforms (Linux, *BSD, etc).

Bought myself a retired enterprise server and now I’m too excited to get my hands on it. Seeing that tracking number feels like seeing xmas presents under the tree when I was a kid :ablobfoxhyper:

Dusted off the old Vive yesterday, drilled base stations into my walls, rearranged furniture, and wired everything up. To my surprise, SteamVR worked perfectly on Linux! No issues whatsoever!

…but then I tried to play something, and couldn’t find a single game that worked. The ones that managed to at least launch through Proton were still unplayable, either because of bugs or poor performance.

I guess Linux VR is still just a dream…

Spent like 4 hours compiling clang, only to have it freeze up my machine at the final link step…and fail. Apparently 16gb of RAM isn’t enough, and the process was killed automatically.

Then I learned about “split dwarf” builds, and that got it to build successfully :D

Today I learned that the magic word for compiled java class files is “CAFE BABE”

I decided to try and mess with Twitter’s algorithms by consciously scrolling past every single ad I see as quickly as possible, so they see I have zero engagement with ads to see what happens. It became like a little game, and I’ve been doing that for a couple of months.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of posts from @TwitterSurveys saying I’m part of a group of people selected to answer a few questions. Idk of it’s related to what I was doing, but I like to think so :P
(I ignored that too)

Metatext is a decent iOS app but I keep accidentally posting a regular Toot when I mean to reply to someone. The app should replace the global Toot button with a reply button when you open a thread.

My next life goal: incorporate GNU Guix into my development workflow. Currently using Conan for C++ dependency management, but I’m not very happy with it. Guix seems like it can solve that problem, as well as a ton of others. Only concern is windows, osx, and ios support. Cross building to windows/osx might be doable, but ios has some closed off black boxes in the standard toolchain iirc. NixOS works on mac I think, but I’m a GNU fanboy.

The Mastodon user experience would be so much better if you could follow an entire server, so that you can have a merged local feed, especially since a lot of servers are topic-specific (like this Linux one)

Can anyone here recommend a trustworthy domain registrar? Google Domains is the only service I've yet to kick in my de-Googling journey. I got screwed over in the past by a registrar that went out of business (badger.com), billed me, but didn't actually renew the registration. Since then I've been wary of switching to any random registrar.

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