We adopted a new fluffer. He's so huge and adorable and playful. He keeps trying to play with the cats and they are like "efffff no!"

I was browsing houses we can't afford online and I came across this and I'm still not even entirely sure what it is but I definitely know I need it.

One nice thing about working until the middle of the night is that I catch more of our out and being active when I get home. Here are some pics of the ones who welcomed me back tonight.

blondi (Goliath Birdeater Tarantula)
murinus “Usumbara” (Orange Baboon Tarantula)
albopilosum (Honduran Curlyhair Tarantula)
versicolor (Antilles Pinktoe Tarantula)

Hopefully we don't get any Trick or Treaters but, if we do, it's their parents' faults they are out risking people's lives not theirs so we are prepared.

Also, my boyfriend bought me this Audrey II Funko Pop.

Yes, I took it out of the dumb, ugly box.

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Some life stuff has me feeling a bit down so, instead of that, here are some things making me happy:

My Brachystelma barberiae is going to flower. They look more compact than that in the photos online so it may be craving more light but it's already in a prime spot in one of my only south-facing windows (northern hemisphere).

My contorted bitter orange (Citrus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' {syn. Poncirus trifoliata}) seems to have taken to passive hydroponics well despite having prissy roots.

Woohoo, something germinated! These are allegedly Impatiens tuberosa. I bought the seeds on eBay from a Dutch seller. It looks like 4 out of about 46 are showing signs of life so far. Hopefully they are the species they were sold as!

One of my coworkers has been wearing a "don't tread on me" facemask and now one with the "thin blue line" flag design on it.

So, today, I wore my "BLACK LIVES MATTER" facemask.

Thanks, again, WallyGro for several amazing facemasks including this one. I have all of their designs so far, lol.


There is a really nice Fockea edulis for sale at out-of-africa-plants.com (no affiliation, just a happy customer). It's a great species if you like caudiciforms and somehow don't already have one.


I spotted this guy in the front yard and I very nearly tried to capture him and bring him indoors. It is, I think, a green lacewing larva. They are beneficial insects with voracious appetites that actively predate on many plant pests.

Saw a cute snek fren sunning or hunting in some branches while on a walk today. I was glad it let me get some okay pics without getting spooked.

Here's a little from my walk with the dog today.

The larger is an American Field Pansy (Viola bicolor) and the smaller ones are Tiny Bluets (Houstonia caerulea). Both show up all over this area as soon as Spring arrives and provide a welcome pop of spring colors after the dreariness of Winter.

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