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a simple solution although severely sinister is now altogether totally excusable

to remove ugliness made president

My local orchid society has asked me to consider running for president.

I'm not sure whether to feel honored or suspicious.

I keep trying to ramp down the amount of TV I consume but they keep making such delicious TV.

I must BINGE this weekend!

A Firefox and chrome extension that notifies you if a book you're looking at on amazon, goodreads, audible, etc. is available at a nearby public library, and gives you a link to reserve it

Selfie, eye contact, Halloween costume 

Selfie, eye contact, Halloween costume 

I took my first ever trip to New Jersey last week to meet more of my boyfriend's family and friends and to attend a wedding.

On our last day there, THREE different family members each gave me a section of a plant they grow: Philodendron bipinnatifidum from his sister, Opuntia humifusa from his uncle, and Tradescantia zebrina from his cousin.

Talk about feeling welcomed!

With their help, my plant collection has finally exceeded 400.

I was in Philadelphia today so I stopped at Urban Jungle just to look around and so I can say I'd been. Fortunately, they weren't too busy. Even though I didn't think he'd be there on a Sunday, Nick Pileggi ( was working so I had to say hi. He's just as sweet in person as you'd expect. I'm traveling half way across the country by car so I only bought one small plant.

Late bloom on the shadow balcony. Krötenlilie („toad lilies“), or Tricyrtis.
#Photography #Plants #Florespondence

I love it when Summer Rayne Oakes covers a cute that I *already* have so I don't have to go buy it.

I've never heard Aeschynanthus longicaulis called "zebra basket vine", though - I'm only familiar with it as "black pagoda lipstick plant".


Quick shot of a little haul from Steve's Leaves:

Back left: Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu Blue'
Front left: Begonia pavonina
Right: Cissus discolor 'Silver Form'

Linux users are wizards: they do more work for the same functions, but in exchange they get more flexibility and power.

Windows users are sorcerer: they get innate support and intuitive functions, but not nearly as many tricks as the wizards.

Mac users are warlocks: they bonded their souls to a malevolent power that doesn't actually care about them.


and this Paphiopedilum henryanum (left) and Cycnoches haagii (right).

Not a bad haul at all!



this Dendrobium finisterrae (left) and Kefersteinia costaricensis 'Natural World' (right)


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