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to remove ugliness made president

"Maybe 2020 will be the year of the Linux Phone, skipping that desktop thing."

Nice quote from an article by Martijn Braam from last month that compares the PinePhone and Librem5 specs.

Rough day. Again. Work is being difficult and I'm ill and there is a personal struggle, too.

Pleez send plants pics asap. 💚

CLIENT is behind a NAT without port forwarding options and has connectivity interruptions at least once a week.

I have a directory on one remote server (let's call it SOURCE) that I need automatically copied/one-way-synced to a directory on a different remote server (let's call it CLIENT). Files will be added to SOURCE sporadically and will need to be copied/synced to CLIENT as soon as possible. Copy/sync doesn't need to go the other direction (the files will, for example, be deleted from CLIENT and shouldn't be deleted from SOURCE).

I've neglected to provide any updates on the Brown Recluse #spider, Loxosceles reclusa, I caught in my kitchen last June. We must have had a summer infestation because I ended up catching FIVE of them (and a 6th eluded capture). Their enclosure may have been a bit too cramped as 3 of the #spiders were, I think, cannibalized. The last 2 have lived together for a long time now, though. I managed to get some photos of them eating some feeder #roaches, Blatta lateralis, this afternoon.

#SpidersOfTheFediverse #Roach

The Slobbering Pine*, Drosophyllum lusitanicum, has been one of the most rewarding plants to grow. Not only is it a beauty with gorgeous green leaves and striking red mucilaginous glands** but it is easy going, captures nuisance fungus gnats, AND has a sweet aroma! I haven't had mine that long but I really think you should probably try growing one. I'm hoping mine will flower this year!

*more commonly called the Dewy Pine
**in bright light

Hi Mastodon, could you take a look at these very beautiful #handmade #crochet blankets, made by my son J. *Proud parent emoji*

J is gay & trans & trying to raise money by selling his works of crochet art. He is working part time & does loads of community activism, so I offered to help by putting these up for him.

Reasonable offers are welcome, bearing in mind that they are large & take many, many hours work. If you are interested & want to know more, let me know.

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Okay... so I failed at my challenge of not buying plants for a month on this, the 9th day.

In my defense, 9 days is pretty good AND it is a plant that is almost never offered for sale.

Not gonna beat myself up about it as long as I'm good for the rest of the month and maybe a little of the next one.

As someone who likes ants and plants, I both love and hate that I found ants farming mealybugs on my Pachypodium bispinosum. I mean, it's a really cute mutualism between the invertebrate species but not so great for the plant.

If you are in #Seattle, I am teaching a free workshop on how to grow your own #saffron at the HandsOn Skill Fair on February 8th at 10am.

I don't mind at all that my teaching slot is in the first batch of the day, as that then sets me up to present and then attend whatever I want for the rest of the day.

Like most people, I grow my #Aeschynanthus longicaulis primarily for its beautiful #leaves. The #flowers, while not as impressive as many others in the #gesneriad family, are still lovely. They look a bit like an upset frog alien to me. I've tried to include a few angles to convince you to agree with me on that.

#Plants #PlantPorn #PlantsOfTheFediverse #Gesneriads #Flower #Florespondence #ILikePlantsMoreThanPeople

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