:kde: is pretty dang slick!

Upgraded my mainboard and decided to give :manjaro: Plasma Mobile a try.

This is not something I will make a habit of doing... BUT...

if you want to watch my boyfriend play GO on , you're in luck!

Tell him I sent you.


I was butch af this long weekend. I bought 2 saws and some wood and did a little basic woodworking. I mowed and edged the lawn and trimmed the bushes. I defrosted and cleaned frozen AC evaporator coils and unclogged its drain line. And I replaced the busted cartridge in the shower.

whatever the attachment disorder is where you need to feel loved and given affection but you also feel highly annoyed by those things is what I have

[CRUDE LANGUAGE] Tarantula sex is weirder than you probably think... 

I know I have a very anthropocentric view of sex but can you image sex being about masturbating into a sack, scooping up the results, and trying to smack them into someone else with one hand while using your other hand to keep them from stabbing you to death? Evolution has found a lot of unique solutions to problems. [done]

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[CRUDE LANGUAGE] Tarantula sex is weirder than you probably think... 

If he's lucky enough to find a receptive lady who doesn't immediately just eat him, he has to use his tibial spurs to hold her fangs at bay (if he's lucky enough to be one of the majority of species that have these hooks) while using his palpal bulbs to punch her in the cooter, hoping to land a blow that will transfer his sperm. [continued]

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[CRUDE LANGUAGE] Tarantula sex is weirder than you probably think... 

When he's done, he climbs out and scoops us his sperm with the palpal bulbs at the ends of his forelimbs. He then destroys the sperm web he spent so much time laying out. Now it's time to find a mate, which involves him wandering, exposed to elements and predators, hoping to pick up the trace of a female of the same species. [continued]

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[CRUDE LANGUAGE] Tarantula sex is weirder than you probably think... 

A lot of people are aware of the potential for violent cannibalism of the male during tarantula mating, but a lot of people don't know what the male goes through before that. Some time after reaching his ultimate molt, the relatively short-lived male tarantula will start building a sperm web. This is basically a sleeping bag made of webbing that he climbs into upside down and jizzes into. [continued]

if you line up all the non-Earth planets in the solar system AND Pluto side by side at their equators, they'd fit between the Earth and her moon (at apogee).

390318km < 405696km


PSA - the #Pinephone 3GB/32GB mainboard special offer for BraveHeart and UBports owners seems to be back in stock! Final offer ends April 30th.

People who want to upgrade their older Pinephones, this is you last chance!


Second dose is in my arm! Who's ready to party?

And by party, I mean stay at our separate homes and take naps.

Job related good news and ranting 

I found out yesterday that I got a job with better hours, better insurance, better pay (by 10.3%), and a technically shorter commute (by two buildings).

I was so happy and relieved to turn in my resignation yesterday. My last day there will be the 16th. My immediate team was wonderful and I feel bad for leaving them but the management was incompetent and the place was just toxic. It was a soul-crushing struggle every day just to convince myself to go to work.

I'm waiting for some silicone to cure and for a few parts to arrive. After that, it's down to just a little decision making, soldering, and fabrication. Depending on how one part works out, I may need to order more or I may decide to go a different way altogether with some new parts. Anyway, I'm probably little more than a week away from wrapping it up!

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There's this niche project I'm anxious to finish that I've been working on little by little. I was initially excited by how I could achieve so much with relatively* so little expense.

Naturally, I've been iterating and improving as I go and I hadn't really noticed that the cumulative cost of the final product is ballooning. It only occurred to me when I shared some pics with a friend and she liked it so much she asked me to build her one, too.

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