Secret Open Source Fact: "Pinephone" is actually pronounced like "minestrone". (thanks, @gnomon )

The existence of both a Batmobile and a Popemobile implies the existence of a Popearang and a Popesignal and

I found the missing hoodies!

And by "I" I mean my boyfriend.
They were right where I thought they'd be and swear I had already triple-checked but he looked once and found them.
Hopefully he's not gaslighting me.

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Well... this is less than ideal.

Silver lining: it'll force me to finally take the time to replace my bald tires.

Hoodie weather is finally upon us and every single one of my hoodies has mysteriously vanished. I assume I stashed them somewhere for safe keeping and, like a squirrel, have lost track of them. Hopefully they'll all germinate and I'll have several nice hoodie tree seedlings soon.

Oh, nice! I was curious so I poked around a little in the pot of my other bee orchid and found it, too, is waking up. This one is Ophrys reinholdii.


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I know I post a lot of photos of @plants where I say something like "Okay, I know this doesn't look like much but I'm super excited!"

This is one of those times.

Bee , genus , aren't that common in cultivation where I live so I'm really proud that one of mine, Ophrys cerastes, has emerged from dormancy.

And I've completely borked my RetroPie install.

I hate apt so much.

Guess I'll reimage it with alarm since I pretty much only use it for Kodi.

Okay, I'm feeling less whiny now. Thank you for your patience.

Ever have one of those evenings where you feel like an emotional toddler? Like, the dinner I cooked didn't turn out right and when I decided to go out for ice cream to make myself feel better I discovered I had a flat tire and everyone and everything is annoying me and I can just feel this dumb tantrum inside. I'm gonna eat a big spoonful of peanut butter and take a shower and go to bed really early. Tomorrow will be better!

I dunno why my SO is treating me so much but he got us tickets to see RHPS this weekend *and* he got us seats in the "splatter zone" for Evil Dead the Musical in a couple of weeks.

whoa, have y'all seen this? Use AI to generate images. I've been trying to run the downloadable version but I don't think my system's graphics card is powerful enough.
Here's a snapshot of the system making "a synthesizer made of computers" image for me

Safety razors and fountain pens are just two of the many areas where the hipsters and the single-use-plastic-avoiders overlap.

There was this Netwalk puzzle game for Android with Windows 3.1 style graphics.
I had that game on every Android device until some transition an unknown time ago.
Anyone know the game I'm talking about?
I don't even know if it's in Google Play or what. I was copying the APK from device to device for years.

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