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It looks my #Camponotus castaneus #ant colony will be growing soon as two eggs appear to have reached the larval stage. Here's the #Queen with the new additions.

#Ants #AntKeeping #AntKeeper #AntsOfTheFediverse #ILikeAntsMoreThanPeople

I also won one of the raffles but it wasn't a plant I was interested in so I gave it to my friend who gave me the roaches.

Yesterday's meeting of my orchid society was especially good and not just because one of my plants won a ribbon (see previous post) and we discussed the upcoming show. I got a vulgaris and a esseriana from one of my main plant swapping buddies; I got a starter colony of from another member; I picked up a ovata, oviferum, and some sort of small from other members; and I sold an old glazed ceramic orchid pot.

Spring is on the way which means my will be waking up soon! I'm gonna need to get these guys planted up before long.

Left to right: venosum "Indian Giant", consanguineum, Typhonium venosum (typical), weddellianum, konjac, & Arisaema candidissima

I'll also be picking up vulgaris from one of my plant swapping buddies today!

#Beekeeping doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive! In honor of the patron saint of beekeepers, here's a plan for a top-bar #beehive you can build out of a #reclaimed 55gal barrel and some pallet wood, plus a guide for trapping your own #bees from nature! Happy Valentine's Day 🐝

#SolarpunkResource #honey

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington were offered $100,000 on the condition that the donation "will not be used to support transgender girls".

They sent the money back, held a fundraising campaign, and raised $300,000. #ForEVERYGirl

I'm so glad it is still this cold. Most of our winter was so mild that I worried my Dionaea and Sarracenia weren't getting an adequate dormancy.

The first of the reticulata irises are starting to flower. This is: Iris 'Katharine Hodgkin'. It's small and dainty and heralds the end of winter.

#Plants #Bulbs

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A random Iris that ended up in the garden. Nothing random about it's beauty though! Taken 24th May 2017.
#plants #gardening

On a mostly unrelated note, my C. darlingi is easily spooked and loves to bolt. It's pretty small still so we don't know its sex but, if it is female, we're leaning towards naming it Mrs. Dash and, if male, maybe Michael Boltin'. She's darted out of her enclosure during feedings and had to be captured two times now, once requiring me to carefully move furniture to find her.

A new, really interesting horned baboon tarantula, Ceratogyrus attonitifer, was discovered* in Angola. I have one of its cousins, Ceratogyrus darlingi. 🕷

*by the experts, that is; the locals have known about it for some time

Source: africaninvertebrates.pensoft.n

Cymbidium ensifolium in semi-hydro attempt no. 2. Let's hope this one doesn't rot in a week like the first one😐

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