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a simple solution although severely sinister is now altogether totally excusable

to remove ugliness made president


and this Paphiopedilum henryanum (left) and Cycnoches haagii (right).

Not a bad haul at all!



this Dendrobium finisterrae (left) and Kefersteinia costaricensis 'Natural World' (right)


Um. I won it! And for a *lot* less than it is worth. 😁

My view. My cute human is napping on me while two of our cute cats and our cute doggo nap on him and our other cute cat naps nearby. I just sat down for a minute to watch YouTube and now I am trapped but it's okay 'cause the cuteness.

I hope they will become good friends.

Seriously need to go back and buy the sugar canister so I can grow sugarcane and take my dorkiness to even greater heights.

Wish this cute plant baby luck under my care! It's in semi-hydroponics and will be grown either in an equatorial (southern for me) window or under LEDs.

This is the PineTime. A companion for your Linux smartphone, and new side-project of ours. More news coming in the future...

(If you have experience with FreeRTOS or mbed, and are interested, please get in touch!)

selfie, ec, chickens 

This is your irregular reminder that Alanis Morisette covered "My Humps" and, if you've never watched the video for it, you need to.

I was trying to show a coworker something on my site at work and it looked absolutely bonkers on Explorer 🤮. We also have Chrome 👿 and Edge 😡 available but it still didn't look right. I guess I need one of those badges from the 90s that says "This site works best on Firefox 🧡" ('cept the cool kids were using Netscape back then).

Pinguicula laueana is flowering. This is the only butterwort with red flowers, rather than the usual purple or white.
#Florespondence #CarnivorousPlants #Pinguicula #Butterworts

On my way home from work, around 23:35, I drive by this. I'm not sure if it is chance or intention but it made me smile.

Anyone have any experience growing Camellia sinensis (tea )? I'm particularly interested in for growing indoors under a grow light and in passive hydroponics but any tips are great! Think it's okay to grow in range of cats or do I need to keep it out of reach? I don't see it on the ASPCA's toxic plant list though they list Camellia japonica as non-toxic.

The monthly activity report for August is up. This time: Lots of stability fixes and the beginnings of an ARM64 port (!).

I think I need a NAS but what I might need instead is therapy.


Remember how I had that birthday not too long ago? And you forgot to get me something which is totally cool and understandable but it has really been bothering you?

Well, don't worry. You can get me a Raphionacme grandiflora (syn Pentagonandus grandiflorus).

Or a Brachystelma barberiae.

Or a Myrmecodia lamii.

I'd even be happy with a Hoya mitrata.


There is a measure of hypocrisy in my desires to both live in a post-labels world and have exact, specific words to use for everything.

We need a word or a suffix for the family of a non-spouse significant other. It is unwieldy to say "my boyfriend's mother" but incorrect to say "mother-in-law".

I also hate how imprecise "-in-law" is. If I mention a brother-in-law, it is unclear if I mean a sibling's husband or a spouse's brother.

I like to be weirdly specific when discussing family. When I call out a grandparent, for example, I almost always preface them with "maternal" or "paternal".

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