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a simple solution although severely sinister is now altogether totally excusable

to remove ugliness made president

One of my coworkers has been wearing a "don't tread on me" facemask and now one with the "thin blue line" flag design on it.

So, today, I wore my "BLACK LIVES MATTER" facemask.

Thanks, again, WallyGro for several amazing facemasks including this one. I have all of their designs so far, lol.


@kelbot Sound and vibration are working on yours? How about the camera?

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Yay, my @PINE64 CE:UBPorts arrived!

Boo, sound and vibration don't seem to be working.

Hopefully this is just a software issue.

There is a really nice Fockea edulis for sale at (no affiliation, just a happy customer). It's a great species if you like caudiciforms and somehow don't already have one.

You know, if all these billionaire assholes donated half of their money, they could solve so many problems and STILL be richer than everyone else.

Fuck capitalism.

I spotted this guy in the front yard and I very nearly tried to capture him and bring him indoors. It is, I think, a green lacewing larva. They are beneficial insects with voracious appetites that actively predate on many plant pests.

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