In solidarity with unionizing Amazon employees:

* Make no purchases
* Don't watch Prime TV
* Show your support

Virtual boycott from 3/7 to 3/13

Heads up #Fediverse

@k9mail is looking for funding to maintain their popular #android mail app. #k9mail hopes to raise €1,000 p/w on #liberapay to be able to work fulltime on the project.

Now I can xmpp (+omemo) from the stupid, locked down Win10 PCs at work with ease. My most recent solution was to ssh into one of my servers and use profanity so no one would notice my using my phone too much.

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The guidelines on Prosody's site are either outdated or just don't apply to my setup.

Anyway, I fixed up my bosh.conf and now I can suddenly use ojsxc.

It has been literal years that I've wanted this to work. 🤣️

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I've been wanting to use ojsxc on my Nextcloud server for a long time but it never seemed to work. I assumed there was something wrong with the app or just some mysterious reason it wasn't compatible with my setup.

Last night I was testing some unrelated stuff and copied the bosh.conf file I created for apache to use as a template since I knew it wouldn't have much extra in it.

I think this is one of the earliest attempts I'd made at an apache conf file. It was so bad.

"I Am Mother" is a pretty good flick with a nice mixture of both expected and unexpected twists. Two gynoid thumbs up.

Tip for autostarting dino, a gtk3 xmpp application:

dino --gapplication-service

Runs it as a background service. You'll still get notifications. You can open and close the window without disconnecting or losing the ability to receive notifications. You can still *completely* exit the application through the application menu. I feel like this should be the default way the application works.

Clearly some sort of dance party resurrection tank cleansing escape pod...

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I was browsing houses we can't afford online and I came across this and I'm still not even entirely sure what it is but I definitely know I need it.

Ew. Someone from a really yucky instance followed me and I poked around a bit before being completely certain that the whole domain needed to be blocked. I wish the deplatformed Parler crowd could find some other technology to infest.

in my professional opinion, if you ever feel dead inside you just need to buy a new plant! @plants

Uspol, Political joke 

Why is the filing for bankruptcy?

Because schools are closed

cool story time! so i was buying this staghorn fern from a dude on the world wide web, as you do, and he was heavily pro "come pick it up" because of the cold temperatures and i was very pro "ooof just send it in the mail dude, i don't wanna actually get up and do stuff". anyway long story short he won, so i spend 40 minutes on the bus, 10 more waiting for him to hear the bell and open the door, and he goes like "ya super sorry bla bla, come to the attic my plant room is there, you'll pick the fern that you want" and ya ok fine i guess.we go up a couple stories and he opens the door to the room in the attic and i just go like NO WAY. THE ROOM IS THIS THING IN THE PICTURE!!!!! (taken from public insta). it just hit me right in the face with its majesticity (majestiness??) dude, oof. there's only like a tenth of the total amount of plants in that room in the pic, too. and he have me 3 plants for the price of one, god bless his soul <3

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