Hey there's this amazing bundle on Itch.io right now raising money for the National Network for Abortion Fund's Collective Power Fund.

$10 gets you like, over 700 different games, art assets, soundtracks AND one of those is our album Twelve Months.

Check it out!


For some reason, I thought Tapinoma sessile was an invasive species in my area but it turns out they are native. I still wish they'd stop foraging all over my kitchen though. My fiancé is getting fed up and is now considering escalating the chemical warfare. So far, it has only consisted of cinnamon oil - an alleged ant deterrent that doesn't seem to faze them (or, if it does, seems to be so short lived as to not be noticed).

The high-torque servo that is at the heart of my automatic cat feeder is no longer functioning correctly. 😢

What Operation System do you use daily?

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putting me in charge of both my mental health and leisure time is a massive conflict of interest imho

hey all you western Mass nuts out there my band Imp just got added last minute to this cool punk show at Apeland in Holyoke tomorrow. I think 2 bands dropped off the show and we opportunistically hopped on like a bunch of fleas so we're not on the flyer. haven't been to Apeland yet but it seems like a cool DIY venue so it should be a good time!

@alextofanel @Cedara @fdroidorg Just like K-9 Mail, Thunderbird Android will absolutely be maintained on F-Droid.

I would like to reiterate to the universe how much I would appreciate a nice plot of land with several all-season greenhouses.

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Some animal keeps digging in my bog garden, uprooting my small Sarracenias and leaving them to die. I was thinking it was probably a squirrel but it seems to only be at night so an opossum, raccoon, or even a cat are also possible culprits. I guess I need to build some sort of chicken wire cage or bird netting tent around it. That'll make it too ugly to keep out front, though, so I guess I'm moving it out back. This is all very disappointing to me.

Have just been informed of Murdle, a daily murder mystery game with five suspects, weapons, and locations; and a list of clues: gtkmysteries.com/murdle/

GNOME goes mobile! Work is currently underway to make GNOME Shell run on phones. More details on this, and many more news can be found in the current issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME!

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