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a simple solution although severely sinister is now altogether totally excusable

to remove ugliness made president

I'm not saying it doesn't have its problems, of course (ffs, let me set my own date and time formats!). It is just far and above the least awful for my uses.

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This is weird to me. Maybe it's because I've spent more than a decade using Thunderbird for one of my jobs, but I find it to be the most competent, most featureful (for those features I need/like), and least clunky of all the modern desktop email clients I've tried.

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People generally don't like Thunderbird, right? I remember when Mozilla was preparing to abandon Thunderbird and the general reaction was "oh, that makes sense since nobody uses it."

I'm really looking forward to receiving my PineTab from @PINE64 but I'm more excited about the possibility of a PineTab *Pro* in the near future.

Contacts, day one: Utter hell. This is garbage. Taking them out felt better than taking my shoes off. Why did I let the world convince me this was better than glasses? If it weren't for my dislike of prematurely drawing conclusions from too little evidence, I'd throw them away and end this miserable experiment at this point.

I've had a gloriously lazy Sunday during which I've watched HOURS of Hoocho's YouTube videos on hydroponics and am now ready to start growing food... next Spring.

Anyone have any success at rooting tea plants (Camellia sinensis) in water? They tend to die in my care but I have ONE that seems to be beating the odds and doing fine so I want to propagate it but I'd prefer to do it in water. The internet doesn't seem to know if this is possible.


Also, any advice on keeping tea plants alive would also be okay.

Anyone have any Magnolia champaca seeds or small plants they'd sell, trade, or give me -or- know of any reliable sources? Buying seeds from randos on Etsy or eBay rarely goes well.

Not the the Alba variety, please.

Also, my boyfriend bought me this Audrey II Funko Pop.

Yes, I took it out of the dumb, ugly box.

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Some life stuff has me feeling a bit down so, instead of that, here are some things making me happy:

My Brachystelma barberiae is going to flower. They look more compact than that in the photos online so it may be craving more light but it's already in a prime spot in one of my only south-facing windows (northern hemisphere).

My contorted bitter orange (Citrus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' {syn. Poncirus trifoliata}) seems to have taken to passive hydroponics well despite having prissy roots.

It's so hard for the government to handle the COVID-19 crisis without accidentally revealing that it's totally possible for the state to improve working people's lives in a dramatic way. Really tough to find solutions that keep a lid on that.

Last handful of
@ubports CE #PinePhone are now available. Once they're sold we will donate the remaining money to the UBports Foundation and close the UBCE campaign.

Buy now and have it shipped soon. NB. DHL shipments only.

Woohoo, something germinated! These are allegedly Impatiens tuberosa. I bought the seeds on eBay from a Dutch seller. It looks like 4 out of about 46 are showing signs of life so far. Hopefully they are the species they were sold as!

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