#Privacy focused #OS for #Android released as a public beta. No #Google services and consumer friendly. Forked from #LineageOS formerly #CyanogenMod. Available on a plethora of devices already so please test and provide feedback. This sort of project is a monster undertaking and requires considerable effort. Credit to the team for their tireless work

Ask Noah | Episode 29: "Ubuntu Rally Explained".

A premium Linux radio / podcast show Ask Noah takes a deep dive into Mir Wayland, what Canonical is doing with Ubuntu & how other projects like Arch and Fedora play into it.

Interviews with people from the rally that took place in New York City & of course your calls!



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I'm thinking on having a 2nd factor authentication as the form as a physical token such as a Yubikey.
Anyone using a yubikey or similar?
Need to know pros and cons of using it instead of phone generated tokens...

Who loves Linux and at work as to have Windows installed? What do you do?

⌨️ Who has a mechanical keyboard?
Bought or diy?
Tell me more... ⌨️

For whatever reason, Steam hardware survey never (or extremely rarely) automatically appears when installed on a Linux OS. In experience of many, this is not the case running Steam on Win. Cos' of it, Linux may be underrepresented. Steam installed, use this URL to manually up the survey --> steam://takesurvey/4

I think this is probably not your beach but do you know if there is a "KDE CONNECT" alternative that could be used with Ubuntu Mate?

Portugal just had a wonderful day.
13 of May 2017 will be remember as:
-the 100th year of Fátima
-the 36th championship won by Benfica
-the day Portugal won the Eurovision Festival

#MastoAdmins If you're using Nginx and haven't updated your config in a few weeks, you should check out the latest recommended config: github.com/tootsuite/documenta Lots of new stuff in there!

- Immutable caching (faster reloads)
- HTTP2 (faster everything)
- Default CSP (scores A+ on Mozilla Observatory)
- Gzip compression
- Better SSL settings
- Probably some more stuff I forgot!

Any Devops/Sysadmin out there? Can you place your 3 top tools/software in your work?

Off topic conversation in welcome offensive behavior is not.

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😴Trying to put a baby to sleep...
Maybe a story how the big bad wolf (Microsoft) wants to be a little pig (open source)💤

Hate, hate, hate the stupid people that creates caos and damage.
FY to the person that hit my car and run...
Hope the universe do its part and punishes you!

Anyone using a 11inch laptop or chromebook?

Would like your impression about a laptop small and lite (to use in public transportation) and cheap.

I started looking towards Acer Chromebook R11 but the version without being Chromebook has a hard drive and rj45.

Here we don't have Chromebooks and I can't talk to anyone about pros and cona.

This week on #LundukeHour:

Mon: Acer R11 Review
Tue: Purism
Wed: Nextcloud
Thur: Linux Day!


I have a blog about Linux and Devops. Feel free to enjoy and give feedback.

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