Language is fun.

English: I am thirsty

Fr/Sp: I have thirst

Gaelic (h/t @kiki_d): Thirst is on me

Hindi: To me, thirst is coming

@SallyStrange @kiki_d You might be thinking of a different Hindi expression, but a typical way of saying it in Hindi is "To me thirst is applying".

@_emacsomancer @kiki_d it's not "aadha hai"? Now that I think on it I learned hungry, sick, late, & a few other things but not thirst. Except "pani chahiye" (I want water)

@_emacsomancer 2 things happening here - 1. I thought the infinitive of "to come" was "aadha" or "aatha" but really it's "ana" (no devnagri keyboard, sorry) 2. Never was taught the verb "to apply" that you're using here.

It has been 20 years since actual Hindi classes so thanks for the corrections.


@SallyStrange लग- (lag-) has a range of meanings. "apply" seemed to me the broadest translation. "seems" or "feel(s)" are often appropriate, but lag- is really wide-spread in many common expressions. E.g. मुझे लगता है कि... (mujhe lagtā hai ki...) is "it seems to me that ...."

@_emacsomancer OK it's coming back... Lag not rag, lagta hai. I misread your post in addition to everything else! Embarrassing. But I appreciate it anyhow.

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