Language is fun.

English: I am thirsty

Fr/Sp: I have thirst

Gaelic (h/t @kiki_d): Thirst is on me

Hindi: To me, thirst is coming

@SallyStrange @kiki_d You might be thinking of a different Hindi expression, but a typical way of saying it in Hindi is "To me thirst is applying".

@_emacsomancer @kiki_d it's not "aadha hai"? Now that I think on it I learned hungry, sick, late, & a few other things but not thirst. Except "pani chahiye" (I want water)


@SallyStrange @kiki_d Hungry, afraid, thirsty and some others work the same way: "to me X is applying". For thirsty: मुझे प्यास लग रही है (mujhe pyās lag rahī hai).

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