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If you like Mastodon, there are various ways to help the project that don't involve any money. For example, you can help us spread the message of Mastodon on other platforms where you still have accounts. On Twitter, our outreach account is MastodonProject. On Facebook and Instagram, our outreach account is joinmastodon.

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Keybase confirmed that it will soon support Mastodon. For those not familiar with Keybase, Keybase is a key directory that maps social media identities to encryption keys (including, but not limited to PGP keys) in a publicly auditable manner. Use Keybase to establish ownership of your social media accounts like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc.

If you're looking, this looks like a decent place for Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency talk now:


It's not free but may be useful to someone:

Use “SUMMER” for 50% OFF on a lifetime license

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Waiting for a real Linux smartphone. If the Librem 5 will be good enough, I'll ditch Android.

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"Beware of the temptation to over-automate, that is, to automate things that really require human attention. Technical infrastructure is important, but what makes a free software project work is care — and intelligent expression of that care — by the humans involved. The technical infrastructure is mainly about giving humans easy ways to apply care."

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"I like to add � and ’ any time I submit online forms because I know that some developer is going to see it and wonder if they have a bug"

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Want a quick feel for the future of Web publishing?

1. npm install -g dat

2. Ask friend to install Beaker Browser (beakerbrowser.com/install/)

3. mkdir mysite && cd mysite && echo "Hello, world!" >> index.html

4. dat share

5. Ask friend to open the DAT URL you’re given in Beaker Browser. They’ll see the index page with “Hello, world!”

#its #dat #easy #p2pweb

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Winepak: to make it easier to install Winedows apps on Linux.

This is about packaging Wine applications as Flatpak bundles.

No need to dive through hoops and jump hurdles & whatnot, the plan is to reach a simple install solution. Pick the application of Winepak from the Winepak repo and go, dammit.

Taking its babysteps, already initial Winepaks for Fortnite... Overwatch... World of Warcraft...

A Wine-based distro incoming?

--> winepak.org/

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Probably a noob question but I can't find a proper answer anywhere which tells me it might be subjective.

I'm wondering, where is it better to install an application from. Say I want to install application x and it's in:
software centre (OS GUI app)
vendors website (deb file)
vendors website with repo links

Does mixing different sources for different applications matter to the dependencies?

Right now I add the repo if available, then soft centre then deb file. not tried flatpak

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We're hiring! Learn more about why EFF is a great place to work, from terrific benefits including housing and student loan reimbursement to a commitment to diversity—and we're changing the world through impact litigation, technology, and activism. eff.org/pages/working-at-eff

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Linux 4.18 gets Valve's Steam Controller kernel driver.

Developed via reverse-engineering. Allowing the controller to be used with any Linux application.

It will not conflict with the official Steam driver: this one detects if anyone (e.g. Steam) is using the hidraw device and disable itself if so.

This driver brings tinkering around with 3rd party utilities to an end.

So much looking forward to for Linux gamers!

--> phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new

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You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

I'm loving Linux. I just wish I had stuck with it all those years ago, still, better late than never!

Today I discovered History command like !! and also keyboard shortcuts which you can create and assign commands to. Who knew!

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To express my distaste, I've:

- Unfollowed all GitHub users
- Unstarred all GitHub repositories
- Made my profile URL point to GitLab
- Pinned GitHub alternatives on my profile

It won't make a large change, but even if it moves *one* person off of GitHub it'll be a long-term success.

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