@unsuspicious Dealing with hate online is the same dealing with hate in one's everyday life.

Either you give space for it to live, or you don't.

In the particular type of intolerance we see in most online spaces, it generally orignates in social groups that identify as white.

Ergo, white people are in the best position to stem the growth of hate, but usually choose not too for whatever reason.

Which enables said hate to continue.


@Are0h @unsuspicious in a recent episode of "This American Life" Ira Glass interviewed an elderly woman in NYC who admitted, after some gentle persuasion, that racial bias was very much still happening in her community. After describing the history of "white flight", she said: 'if a neighbor rented to a black person, that would be frowned upon, but to a gay person, that would be ok'. She described so well.

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