Olivetti Computers 

from wikipedia,

"Olivetti took on around $16 billion of extra debt, in Olivetti Tecnost's time in 2003."

still make decent cakes for Yurope, thou 😬

Good thang? Infobunch 

infosec -- are they a decent bunch

Zeems a SF-prophecy too me.


also check out ..


(as pertube crumbled several months ago, just zayin' )

trumpton don't #cofe 

..... and that worries me.

Yay! me card is finally working online (only took a month).

Review of AllTimeFirst movie of F*keook 

So I saw a 'Watch' tab on facebook and expected to get an actual .

Very very very strangely I was accosted by a girl being EATEN by a monster -- says loads about social media

They're just jealoys of ALL those eyes off youtube going over to the Zuck site. Fucking terrible -- didnot even watch the crud.

Shite blue notyfier .

AdverTizers' HairCut. 

The wealthify lady now requires a haircut -- before I open MY wallet, pal.


Lemon To A Knife fight! 

Facebook .... Why do you want me toconstantly update - you ?

Lemon To Kn-ife-fight , pal !!


Leaders of Mastodon. & Masthead. 

My job today is to infiltrate the stopwach scenario.

Who's with me ? there's coffee & cream too.

Also , I need a Masthead invite, please.

best comment on youtube today:

err, Where' s the love button?

Happy caturday.

first post after the eggs - more eggs!!!

have not got enough tins yet.

Did it ! 80 pounds for two weeks.

heres my first egg of the day, to celebrate.

before I stock up in tins.

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