... which in turn are clones of pay-to-advance browser games

@selea @kmj
Well that is 100km with unobstructed view so no trees etc and there is a max power per antenna.

Ballpark at 100km the ground has fallen ~100m under the horizon on ground level.

I'm waiting for a new WFH rule that cats are not allowed in the offices :ablobcatwave:

@frank "CD Tape" is this a codeword for him being kidnapped? 🤔

@Hamishcampbell @visionontv
Social media algorithms are effectively PaperClipMaxmizers
a positive feedbackloop of negative aspects of everyone interacting with it.

@paladin1 Found this fork via the way of the duck :duckduckgo:
which seems to be quite recent and up-to-date.


I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop on these news.

@artem @adb
* your_name:matrix.org

Aslo highly recommended to register on another homeserver for a better experience,
since seeemingly everyone register on matrix.org

Ran into this article on yesterday and the discussion was pretty interesting.
But i have never NNTP or mailinglists for discussion although i have read my fair share of informative forum posts,
anyone else think content centric/driven discussion avenues is still needed?


@BrodieOnLinux Seems like someone had a bad reaction with oxygen.... once :thinkergunsunglasses:

Seems like on feature of that constantly get overlooked is subchannels where you can have an account with channels that have different directions of topics.

So it is possible to follow a person or one of their topics, only one i can think of that got multiple channels is share.tube/a/chriswere/video-c

@jorge AFAIK most of the phonehome stuff got removed or disabled
and 3PID got put on the backburner until it could be solved better.

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