@distrotube Seems like there is atleast one fork that is making some progress and is renamed

@tzycce @hund seems like you can do a lot with XMPP invidio.us/watch?v=JEDRSNGDxUQ

But a lot of the XEP seems to be outdated or otherwise defunct.

@tzycce saw the link on HN when hong kong demonstration communication was mentioned.

@tzycce well that's interesting, what reasoning did they use to back that up with?
Also there is xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0174.h

@kennetmattfolk Cotton is usually referred to as the plant based one and wool from animals 😜

@tzycce someone mentioned you could use one.com to get your own e-mail domain.

@kennetmattfolk getting cotton from alpacas/lamas must have been their greatest achievement tho.

@matt I have been looking for the root cause of this toot for 5 hours.

@swedneck Interesting to hear, bought my 500D as my first proper camera, a year ago.

@nergal and no the (non)harmful lead component has been removed for several years already

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