No hate, genuine question... why do people use #Matrix over #XMPP?

Aside from "XMPP is old" I don't see any reason to favour Matrix. I also don't see XMPP being around long enough to have a strong ecosystem that's constantly built on to be a bad thing.

From a #selfhosting perspective XMPP is far easier to run as well.

For E2EE they both use OMEMO.

And ofc it's in the name, XMPP is extensible.

Matrix is not using OMEMO but MEG/OLM.

They might be similar but they'r not the same.

It was something of the federated nature with rooms in where rooms exist equally on every home-server that has a user in it.

@Unairedspecifics ah yes correct you are, they switched over from OMEMO a while back, forgot about that :)

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